now that i think about it...

Date: 2007-08-24 03:44 am (UTC)
somehow the words "LEE DONG GUN IS THE OTHER GUY. WHY IS HE THE OTHER GUY?" have been echoing in my head, and i developed a theory about this (basically the result of having too much time on my hands).

since most korean dramas are aimed towards "women", the protagonist, usually the main girl character, has to struggle between two wonderful guys, in which the "other one" has to be willingly suffering in the "friend zone", and whose only wish is for the girl to "be happy and blissful". kdramas choose new hot young actors to be the "other guy", let them gain popularity, and then transform them into "main guys", while training newbies as the usually likeable "other guys"; ERGO, a vicious cycle that sucks you in and goes on and on and on like energizer bunny.

FOR EXAMPLE, in "lovers in paris", lee dong gun is the other guy, but look how he turned out in "stained glass". OR kim jeong hoon in "goong". OR won bin (HONESTLY, WON BIN?!) in "autumn fairy tale". OR the hot-doctor-older-brother and rich-amusement-park-inheritor, kim jae won in "my sister in law is 19" and "my love patzzi", turned utterly-in-love-with-high-school-teacher-in-romeo-and-juliet-like-manner in
romance". OR daniel henney, the one who wasn't even in love with the main character, in "my name is kim sam soon", OH DANIEL. Yes, and a new trend in mixed korean-caucasian guys, as evident with daniel and OH DENNIS OH (the OTHER OTHER guy in "witch yoo hee"?). OF COURSE there are those that somehow stay where they are, like kim sung soo in "stained glass" and "full house". AND how can we possibly forget the occasional younger version of the main guy in short-but-sweet memory flashes, who, once u see the older version, makes you wonder "wth happened to him?", as in "18 vs. 29" with choi si won. SI WONNNN.

and surprisingly in japan as well. SHUN. TOMA. <3

so maybe the real question is: PARK SHIN YANG IS THE MAIN GUY. WHY IS HE THE MAIN GUY?
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