(I just seem to be butting myself into your lj don't I?)

I, like many people, regret most in my life, wasting 30 hours of my life, watching ISWAK.

What is seemingly a nice love story about a girl who for once isn't REALLY Pretty or REALLY smart, failed. Miserably. On many different levels. ISWAK has now only succeded in making me hate joe cheng and Ariel, however it's now recognised as one of the most successful Tw Dramas ever. World! When will you learn?

If you love/hated spring waltz, you should try the other ones, Autumn, Winter and Summer. I like Autumn, scatch that LOVE autumn, thought winter was thoroughly: they're in love - no they're not - he's related to her - no he's not and so on. (does that make sense? In my head it does) Summer and Spring I get confused. Which is the one with a heart transplant?

Despite being very, very in love with Mike He, or to be specific, his kissing methods, DBY had Rainie (who I like, though you probably can't tell) as the cliche asian who was so naive and so nice and most importantly always believed that Ahmong was really a marshmallow on the inside(did you get that reference?. Not to mention cute to boot. This died quite quickly for me. Then when I heard they attempted a sex scene (and considering kissing scenes rarely work) this only added fuel to the fire, and sent it to the graveyard with bonus buy one get one free coffins.

And that was my rant. Sorry for butting into your conversation and LJ in general. Oh, and the grammar and spelling errors too.
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