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Date: 2008-05-03 04:07 pm (UTC)
I truly admire your ability to write such long posts and still update so often (while keeping up with all the latest dramas too). *bows* Teach me your skill! =P

For Non-Asian Shows:
Gilmore Girls - I know how you feel about Dave and Lane. And Rory/Logan, along with several other pairins, just started to get on my nerves, lol, so I gave up somewhere in the second-to-last season. Ugly Betty is great! You really should watch more, although the plots are going haywire (well, actually they've always been like that...probably why people like it so much) and I'm just waiting for Henry to leave already so Betty can be with Gio/Daniel/someone who didn't get his girlfriend pregnant while still flirting with her. =P Grey's Anatomy...*cough* enough said. I watched it for a while until the game of switching partners/beds got too old for me.

- Ella was definitely better in The Rose than Hana Kimi. Her expressions in H-K were so horribly horribly over-exaggerated (what was she thinking?). Ironically, I was able to finish H-K and not The Rose (yet) because I can't stand Jerry's acting (can you say "board"??) and hate that his character is going to end up with Bai He.

- No. Wu Zun is nowhere near an actor. And, sorry to say this, but he's nowhere near a singer either. >.< But at least he's a nice guy.

- I like WWL too. So much better than DBY. But poor Kingone. *sigh*

- Outsiders - hm. I thought I liked it when I saw the first two episodes, but it lost its luster...I blame both plot and acting. Maybe it'll work for you, though (I tend to be rather impatient about dramas).

- It's true that a lot of popular TWdramas...shouldn't be. It's always the good dramas that get low ratings. And oh, have you seen Green Forest My Home?? 0_0 Leon Jay Williams should NOT be acting. Another board. I was rooting for Ethan. And I am still horrified that Prince Turns Into Frog got the highest rating. NOOO! (I can't stand Ming Dao, and although Qiao En did a good job, PTF did NOT deserve that great of a rating.) But there are some good TWdramas, if you hunt for them. I thought Silence was quite good, although of course it has some drama stereotypes. Bump Off Lover fully redeemed Angela for me after my opinion of her acting was severely injured by Romantic Princess. She does an amazing job, and the plot (it's quite dark) really pulls you in. I haven't finished True Love 18 yet, but the leads are excellent and I actually prefer it to some of Ariel (Lin)'s later dramas. (In general, though, Ariel is a great actress.)

- Goong - haven't finished yet either. Couldn't bear to see Yul's heart broken.
- DBY - nope. bleh. wasn't working for me.
- Love Contract - great acting on Mike and Ariel's part (and the others, too) but a horribly slow plot (outright boring at the end). took me forever to trudge through it, and i skimmed.
- 1 Litre of Tears - watched one MV and it had me sobbing, so I don't dare start the drama or I'll use up all the trees in the world by way of tissues (that almost happened for Silence)
- Full House - haha. Never one of my favorites, but once in a while it was cute.
- 18 vs. 29 - I only watched part of the first episode, to see Park Eun Hye (star of Silence) in a kdrama^^
- Kimi wa Petto - creeped me out early on, lol. couldn't finish.
- Nobuta - <3. (But i didn't like how the focus was pulled mostly onto the JE guys and Maki didn't get as much attention. =P Typical.)
- Nodame - funny and v. cute. =D
- Kurosagi - love Tsukuro, but I fear for the movie. Apparently there's not much relationship development, and that's the only thing I cared about in the drama (sorry Kurosagi, your swindling schemes get old)
- Hana Kimi - I'm still a Mizuki/Nakatsu shipper. ^_^ They made us love that pairing too much.

Whew. Sorry for my rambling. =)
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