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I've been doing physical house-cleaning on and off for the past week, now I'm attempting to sort out my 'virtual' life. I'm indexing this LJ first, the RL LJ has been in a state of disheveled lunacy for several years now, another week's not hurting it.

Much like rifling through old drawers or opening dusty boxes, it's nice trawling through to find my old fandom histories and inspecting the new.

History: created November 4, 2002

  • first actual post dated February 18, 2006

  • initially used as a book of days/poetry depository

  • February 28, 2006 - first public post enthusing about Cho/Cedric

  • used LJ for HP RPG purposes and sudden renewed interest about Harry Potter

  • March 9, 2006 posted Fifty Ways, my one worthwhile contribution toward C/C and HP fandom in general to LJ

  • July 11, 2006 my heart broke.

  • Months after, fell back into disinterest with LJ, HP, inadvertently (inevitably) drove some people away

All you ever needed to know about me, and the fannish radar this LJ tracks *UPDATED* 11/20/2009

Postscript: Shows I have watched and loved (past): Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica (the first two seasons), Gilmore Girls (though for the middle of it, it sort of turned into the Dave and Lane show for me. I KNOW.), Dead Like Me, the Venture Brothers, Witchblade, the Simpsons, Family Guy, Flight of the Conchords

Shows I have a hate/love relationship: Grey's Anatomy, Alias, Veronica Mars

Shows I like and should really watch more: Ugly Betty, Extras, the Office (US), Heroes

Shows Everyone else and their dog loves/raves/knows about that I haven't gotten to yet: Friday night lights, Dr. Who

Shows I used to watch to make myself cry in a horrible, emotionally masochistic way: Extreme MakeOver Home Edition. GOD, I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Shows I use as a barometer of would you like my sense of humo(u)r?: Green Wing, Spaced, Black Books, the Book Group, the first series of Little Britain. Yes, I'm one of those.

I used to like Harry Potter a lot. Maybe I still do, in the darkest corners of my shriveled heart. Still haven't read the last book ever.

First public mention of asian (specifically Japanese) dramas in this post. Stuff had obviously been percolating behind the scenes for a while, and I caught up on my dramas quick.

My very first favorite asian drama was back when I was a wee little Safflet, still working on the impenetrable shield of sarcasm and the growing experience of high school (and hair dye!) was years away. It was a fantasy series, (possibly dubbed Mandarin) chinese language, and it involved a heroic quest, a heroine who could fly while wearing dresses with floaty sleeves and FIGHT with them, the hero who was sort of a schlub when we first meet him, but through the heroine's tutelage, he learned to be pretty handy with a sword and got considerably better hair, a poor stone cutter who turned into a stone monster at certain times of the month, who loved the heroine.....but alas, turned out to be her brother, or something, poison, lots of dry ice, pre-Matrix wire tricks, and anyway, I LOVED IT and CRIED when my grandmother THOUGHTLESSLY gave my tapes away to people WHO DID NOT DESERVE THEM.

I used to watch that show over and over when I came home from school.

My second one was when I was a lot older, possibly in junior high, I seem to recall having 90s hair.....and this was a historical piece, set in either the 30s or 40s, and I came into it slightly late, it was a serial my grandmother and my mom liked to watch in the afternoon, and as I detested anything to do with having to spend quality time with my family, I was sort of on the late bus for that. Anyway, the main thing was this tomboy who was a reformed thief or maybe she was just a lovable street urchin, who had been taken into the family of this respectable guy, and he's mourning the loss of his True Love, a beautiful girl who's tragic death has made it impossible for him to EVER LOVE AGAIN, woe. Things happen, piggy backing, rogue cart breaks, wounds Tomboy, she saves him from being ....something, their friendship gradually evolves into one of love - she's deeply in love with him, and he thinks he can finally set aside the past love, they get married, she's so lovely and happy....and a mysterious woman shows up WHO IS THE DEAD RINGER FOR THE FIRST LOVE. It turns out it is actually the first love girl, and she had to FAKE HER OWN DEATH. WTF?

The tomboy realizes this early on and during the last half of the series, decides IN SOME INSANE LOGIC-WAY, that her husband hasn't truly ever gotten over first love girl, and that because she loves him so much, she's going to quit town with her disreputable uncle and that her husband can begin a new life as a widower (because apparently faking your own death is the ONLY WAY TO GO) with his first love.

And it ends like that. And me CRYING HYSTERICALLY.

Red gates was the motif of the opening sequence, and I think it was in the title too, but I'm not sure.

Third asian drama - Wind and Cloud. Epic, sprawling fantasy series starring Peter Ho (the Chinese Heath Ledger). Total campy, wuxia gone awry, gloriously bad special FX, meloDRAMA to the max. I freaking loved it. Then again, I also loved Gen X Cops in an Non Ironic Manner. This is in the pile of stuff that is so hilariously bad, it's brilliant.

Fourth, and the gateway to kdrama and then to jdrama and then to MADNESS: The chinese dub of Lovers in Paris. Oh man. Lee Dong Gun badly dubbed in Mandarin. You wouldn't think that'd be hot, but it WAS. I fell for his character, was hugely upset that duckface heroine didn't go off with him into the sunset. I'd visit my gran in the hospital and we'd watch this together - in fact, all of the previous dramas were family affairs and the rare times we wouldn't be fighting. (Note: Joy Luck Club is like my family, only without any of the soft bits. We're not good at that sentimental stuff.)

I don't know how but somehow a beautiful new world had been opened up for me and I shortly picked up all the LDG dramas I could get my hands on. My favorite of his dramas is Stained Glass. Coming in second, Sweet 18.

And then came jdramas. Jdramas were a shock after the high production/glossy Kdramas - much less sheen, more quirky looking actors/actresses, and the shows were so much shorter in length. I then flirted with TW dramas, because hey, I started out with them (I even remember when Meteor Garden started airing on KSCI 18 - and no, I didn't watch it then. I also thought Jerry Yan was not all that attractive.) and, are idol dramas all they produce nowadays? Not that I'm complaining, but a lot of their idols, adorable and cute as they are....cannot act. It's purely by sheer charisma and good looks that they're even on the screen. I'm as shallow as the next girl, but .....a lot of the musical groups turned actors should not be acting (I like Ella's singing a lot, she's my favorite one in S.H.E., but her acting, I can pass on cheerfully. She was much much better in the Rose than she was in Hana Kimi), and Jiro's an adorable clown and I would totally marry him in an alternate universe where he wouldn't be repulsed by a crabby, librarian loving expunkrock girl, but...the boy is a clown. I don't think he has quite the chops for acting just yet, but he's had glimmers of promise, so who knows? Everyone needs to start somewhere....and Wu Zun is hot. I like reading his blog., not an actor, either. But I don't hate on all idol dramas/or idols, okay? I'm just saying that a lot of the stuff that gets the love - I can barely watch without a lot of fast forwarding. I have the Outsiders I and II, and I plan on watching them when I'm done with all my other stuff - I liked the first three eps of Outsiders, and I like that it's not the usual type of romance. And I really like Why Why Love, when I'm not busy SCREAMING IN FRUSTRATION ABOUT HOW MUCH I HATE EVERYONE except for Rainie, Mike, and Kingone. And that's mostly Rainie and Kingone.

I think it's just my own dealings with a difficult Chinese family that is probably hampering escapist tendencies for it.

But oh yeah, so TWDramas ---> Kdrama ---> Jdrama ----> TWdrama --->and currently deep into Jdrama territory again.

The Count:

SHOWS that I initially started liking then did a complete turnabout and gave up on:

Spring Waltz (I was about 5 episodes from the ending, I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN....and it's waiting for me to finish)
Witch Yoo Hee (I just...I don't know. It failed somewhere for me.)
1% of Anything: I love me some Kang Dong Won (especially because of the Duelist), but I think it was shoujo fatigue that did me in. This show was just too long seeming for me.
Goong: I skipped around in this show a lot. I had a lot of fun screencapping Horrible Fashion Disasters to Traumatize the Eye. I thought YEH was adorable. Never really fell in love with it and the fact that it seemed to go on forever didn't help.

Devil Beside You.
Love Contract.
Hana Kimi.
It Started with a Kiss.
Prince and Princess 2 (Who in their right mind has the 'heroine' faking her own sexual assault to get back at the hero? TAIWAN, THAT'S WHO. Fuck YOU, TAIWAN.)
Summer's Desire (God, I only have myself to blame for this.)

Teppen Shoujo Akane! (This only goes to prove that while I may have crushes on both male and female actors, if I actually 'like' an actor, I will watch whatever they've been in, regardless of how crappy it is). I might be missing magic with the quality of subs that's been provided for this short lived cooking show, but I really doubt it. Despite having some comic veterans in the cast, Maki in a wedding dress, Takashi Tsukamoto dressed in every hideous combination of dayglo known to man, this show pretty much sucked.
Anything Takki's been in. I can't watch his stuff. I've TRIED.
Propose Daisakusen. Yeah, this one was disappointing on a multitude of levels for me, and I just quit 3 episodes in.
Sore wa......(the one with the translation of it was sudden, like a storm), Yamapi's entry in the JE Boy needs the Love of An Older Woman to Truly Make him Complete drama - possibly while the idea of him being a high school dance instructor with moves to kill was certainly tempting, the actual execution past some slo mo Tension movements.....I didn't think there was any chemistry between the OTP I was 'supposed' to care about, and the cuckolded husband seemed to be perfectly harmless. So yeah. I'm not all that fond of adultery storylines to begin with, and this one just died a meandering death. And while Yamapi's uncanny resemblance to a pre-pregnant Nicole Richie was quite kawaii and charming in Stand up!, he STILL LOOKED LIKE THAT in this show. Not exactly my idea of a Dream Lover.

1 litre of tears: Actually...I liked this one. Really great acting all around. I just couldn't finish it because I knew what would happen and I didn't want to deal with it. So this is sort of in a category by itself.

Shows I liked at the time and then after a rewatch/rethink, realized, Hey, It wasn't That Awesome After All.


Full House. And you thought certain Jdrama kisses were bad, at least you can revel in the truly lame peck Rain chastely presents Song Hye Kyo with at the end of this series.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Sam Soon could have done so much better, and I know there's living with people's faults and truly loving them in spite of them but at the end of the day, Hyun Bin's Sam Shik was a total jackhole and I can't forgive all that nonsense with his childhood sweetheart in the middle.

Lovers in Paris. I know it was surfing on the wave of the hallyu boom, but seriously? The plucky Cinderella meets dashing yet emotionally retarded businessman in Paris, he contracts her out to be his fake fiancee plotline has been done better. Plus, LEE DONG GUN IS THE OTHER GUY. WHY IS HE THE OTHER GUY?

18 vs 29: I liked the flashback bits purely because Siwon Choi is so ADORABLE in them.

Kimi Wa Petto. Matsujun acted the heck out of Momo, I had a crush on Koyuki...but the entire thing ended up being a little creepy for me and not in an enjoyable way. Shame, really, because there were some beautiful kiss scenes in it.

Gokusen. My favorite Matsujun hair. Too repetitive 'plot' wise and should have been shorter and there should have never been a second series at all.

Shows that I did like/love still....(maybe with a little reservation)

Stained Glass
Attic Cat
Spring Waltz (I know, this ends up on two lists!)

Kindaichi Case Files: Matsujun Version. I think this appeals to my twisted sense of camp and MSTKing tendencies - a very chibi Matsujun and Anne Suzuki, with special appearance by Hiroki Narimiya based on the long running manga. Plus, it has a fabulous 80's looking ending credit themes, despite having been filmed in the early 90s.
HANA YORI DANGO RETURNS: Confirmed that I am, at heart, a Hanazawa Rui girl, now and forever.
Sexy Voice and Robo: IS MADE OF AWESOME.
Nobuta Wo Produce: a sleeper hit, it worms underneath your skin and gets into your heart sooner or later.
Tiger and Dragon: Nagase Tomoya is pretty hilarious in this, as is Okada Junichi. I love story telling and using it as a plot Aoi Yuu and Takashi Tsukamoto as a Yakuza heir!
Stand Up! With Sars hardsubs, I ended up loving this show instead of merely liking it from the badly trans. VCD versions that were floating around on YT.
Nodame Cantabile: perfect manga adaptation (yes, even better than Hana Yori Dango - because in this case, I actually liked the manga beforehand, whereas with HYD...not so much.) In a better world, Hana Kimi would have taken cues from them, but it is what it is, and I *love* my sparkly gay summertime teen comedy.
Kurosagi: featuring the OTP that destroyed Tokyo, and everything else in its wake. Oh movie, please don't suck. That goes for you too, HYD, but I care less in that situation. Both movies sucked in their own special way. Both consumed hours of my life (in Hanadan Final, it took me months to actually get through the first hour alone) that I'm never going to get back and you know, I'm just going to be drinking the haterade on both these movies for a long time, get back to me when I'm less hostile.

and of course, the show that has eaten my LJ: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I cheerfully admit to being biased because it's got two of my favorite j-actors opposite each other in the OTP role, in one of the rare manga OTPs I actually support, but the side characters and general good-natured silly crackiness of this show has also completely won me over.

on the Culture Queue (or what I'm watching/finished now)A strike through it means I gave up:

American TV: Burn Notice, Community, Happy Town, The Golden Girls
British TV: The IT Crowd, Sherlock

JDrama: Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu, Mukodono. Damn you Nagase Tomoya! Bara no nai Hanaya, Yasuko to Kenji, Ashita no Kita Yoshio, Nodame Cantabile SP in Europe, Zettai Kareshi, Last Friends, Innocent Love, GiraGira, Akai Ito, Zeni Gaba, Room of King, Shotgun Marriage, Yasuki to Kenji, Ai Nante Irane Yo Natsu, Natsu Ando, Summer Snow, Osen, Shibatora, Love Revolution, Chance!, Door to Door SP, Atashinchi no Danshi, Smile, BOSS, Mr. Brain, Koishite Akuma, Ninkyo Helper, Futatsu no Spica, Rinne no Ame (Rain of Reincarnation), Saigo no Yakusoku (The Last Promise), Futatsu no Spica, Tokujo Kabachi!, Tumbling, Shinzamono, Hard to Say I Love You (Sunao ni Narenakute), Jotei: Electric Ginza Boogaloo, Moyashimon, Hotaru no Hikari 2, Keizoku 2: SPEC
Kdrama: Thank you, J Dal's Spring, Time of Dog and Wolf, Robber, Iljimae, Tamra the Island, Pasta, Cinderella Unni, Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Secret Garden, Prosecutor Princess, The World They Live In
Twdrama: The Outsiders I, II
TWMovie/China/Hong Kong: Linger, Longest Night in Shanghai, Turn Left Turn Right, My So-Called Love, Cape No. 7, So Close, First Love Litter on the Breeze, Confession of Pain

JMovie: The Cheerful Gang turns to Earth, Sakuran, The Mamiya Brothers, the rest of Shinobi (I fail, I know.) Sukiyaki Western Django, Check it out, yo!, Moonlight Jellyfish, Crows Zero, Always 2, Arch Angels, Koizora (possibly the worst movie in the world, then again), NANA, NANA 2, All about my dog, Check it out, Yo!, Kisaragi, Kurosagi, Tokyo Shonen, Love/Juice, Longest Night in Shanghai, Cyborg She, About Love, ROCKERS, Hana Yori Dango: Final, Presents: Uni Senbei, KIDS, Accuracy of Death, 10 promises to my Dog, A Tale of Mari & Three puppies, Tea Fight, A Heartful of Love, 20th Century Boys, Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru, Himitsu, Handsome Suit, Okuribito (Departures), Ponyo on the cliff by the sea, GS Wonderland, The Legend of K-20,Neko Ramen Taisho, Love Exposure, Halfway, April Bride, Summer Wars, Nekonade, Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, Kafuu wo Machiwabite (Waiting for Happiness), Dance! Subaru, Tsumi Toka Batsu Toka (Crime & Punishment?!?) Dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita (Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac), Yamagata Scream, My Darling is a Foreigner, Kimi ni Todoke, BECK, Norwegian Wood

Kmovie: Ing, M, Doremifasolo, Baby & Me (long live Chicken girl!), Sweet Lie, Antique Bakery, The Naked Kitchen, My girlfriend is a spy, Heaven's Postman, Dating on Earth, Jeon Woochi: Taoist Wizard, The Duelist (rewatch), Too Beautiful to Lie (rewatch), 3-Iron, Ahjussi: The Man from Nowhere, Haru (Korea's Tourism film)

Movies: Death at a Funeral, the Last Legion, Superbad, Across the Universe, Rocket Science, Stardust, Becoming Jane, Westside Story, High School Musical 1 & 2 (there's camp, and then there's this), Juno, Atonement, Across the Universe, Ratatouille, Prince Caspian, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Slumdog Millionaire, Secret Life of Bees, Lars and the Real Girl, Conversations with Other Women, Miss Pettigrew lives for a day, Waitress, Dear Zachary (documentary), Coraline 3-D, The Philadelphia Story, Smoking Aces, Seventeen Again, I Love You, Man, St. Trinian's, Star Trek, Rudo y Cursi, The Young Victoria, Up! in 3-D, A Matter of Loaf and Death, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, Julie & Julia, The Time Traveler's Wife, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Virgin Territory, (500) Days of Summer, Ponyo (english dub), Sunshine Cleaning, Away we Go, Son of Rambow, Whip It, Push, Last Chance Harvey, This is It, An Education, Pirate Radio, Harold & Maude, The Blind Side, The Princess & the Frog, Sherlock Holmes, Fantastic Mr. Fox, It's Complicated, What It Is (Dylan Moran Stand Up Comedy Film), Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control, SyFy's ALICE, The Accidental Husband, St. Elmo's Fire, Zombieland, New York I Love You, The Ramen Girl, Paris, je t'aime, Possession (2009) Iron Man 2, Adventureland, Pillow Talk, It Happened One Night, The Thin Man, The Runaways, Going Postal, St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, My Blueberry Nights, The Client List (yes, you get a free pass to mock my terrible taste), Inception, Nowhere Boy, Role Models, Date Night, Toy Story 3, Believe: the Eddie Izzard story, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo 2009 (English Dub), The Hangover, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Kids are All Right, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, Good Hair, Love and Other Drugs, Despicable Me, The Social Network, The King's Speech, Never Let Me Go, Blue Valentine, Meet the Robinsons, Battle: Los Angeles

And congratulations on making it to the end of this post, if you did.

Oh gosh, there was just so MUCH to take in. XD

Date: 2007-08-22 08:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I realize now that your interests are very much like mine. It was quite alarming. :O From TV shows, manga and drama, I had some deja vu moment of my youth reading through both entries. The big differences between you and me is that 1) you've experienced more (some of the titles you've mentioned already going through are actually on my list to read/watch instead) because I am queen of procrastination, and 2) I got into really more embarrassing and time-wasting fandoms in my earlier years than you did.

I'm glad to have come across your LJ because it's as if you've said exactly what I was thinking but in a more articulate manner than I could ever hope to do.

Oh! I just happened to watch High School Musical 1 & 2 last Sunday on the Disney Channel. It made me giggle and kinda made me wish my past high school life was a musical. :(
From: [identity profile]
awww. Well thank you for making it through the ginormous entry - and well yeah. I'm as old as the hills.....


Here's a quote from Howl's Moving Castle, just because.

"But I'm not calm about it, if that's what you think!" Michael said. "If you knew the trouble we've had because Howl will just keep falling in love like this! We've had lawsuits, and suitors with swords, and mothers with rolling pins, and fathers and uncles with cudgels. And aunts. Aunts are terrible. They go for you with hat pins. But the worst is when the girl herself finds out where Howl lives and turns up at the door, crying and miserable. Howl goes out through the back door and Calcifer and I have to deal with them all."


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