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[ profile] surestsmile's Atashinchi no Danshi fic are gen gems of DELIGHT. More insight into the brothers Ohkura.
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about to crawl into bed early, for a change, as I officially did not sleep on Thursday evening - went to bed at about 4 in the morning (because when I got home early to begin my three day weekend, I crashed into my bed for a two hour nap). Sleep, it's what's for dinner.

But a happy early 4th of July to my fellow Americans and any one who just wants an excuse to light up fireworks, drink sangria and lemonade and roast dead beasts on fire pits...and lovers of independence, obviously.

I am continuing my epic Atashinchi no Danshi rewatch (the last episode! She is soft-subbed, and I'm assuming the hardsubs will now arrive in one complete batch?)

I still need to post the second part of my Sho/Chisato squeecapspam (now with extra PS paint arrows!), commentary on the finale, and of course, finishing the commentathon.

A teaser for [ profile] wistfulmemory for your prompt "gypsy"(though I'm kind of approaching it backwards, I think)

wandering star )

and a bit from my sequel to Some kind of happily ever after.

home is just another word for you )

good night, try not to set yourselves or any free-standing wooden attractions on fire.
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in case you were wondering

[1] A house is not a home
[2] Little Boxes
[3] Happy Family
[4] And I believe this is what they call the chase
[5]These broken days won't last forever
[6] Some kind of happily ever after

All are one shots, with the exception of 5, which may be expanded further. All are finished, with varying degrees of gen and shippiness, and 6 is an ode to the almighty OT7 (you will be assimilated). Oh, and of course I'm still working on finishing the prompts in my comment ficathon in an earlier entry. :D

However you spell it, the Ohkuras are the most awesome family ever.

ETA: like Shark Week, it's Atadan week in my LJ. I'm sure this mania will the sands through an hourglass.

ETA2: I suddenly have a backlog of comments - I'm reading everything, and will get back to you


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