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Things that have made me happy today: Finding out that Miyavi and his wife named their daughter Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara. ONLY YOU, MIYAVI. Anyway, the kanji/reasoning behind the name is awesome.

I spent all day with the BFF - she drove us to Woodstock (yes, that Woodstock)and I didn't have to wait for ANYTHING or worry that I was holding anyone up or get lost. I found and bought a Nobuta pig (a chanchitos!) and two beautiful handcrafted rings - one made of wire and beads, the other a silver with a blue goldstone, wandered in and out of several tea stores - the BFF & her mother bought CHOCOLATE MINT TEA that we're going to try out tonight, to go with the cookies I'm baking- butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies, I took a few pictures, not all of them of food, and I got to pick up and touch a Cindy Sherman photo catalogue in a used book store, though I didn't buy it, as it was 130 dollars. Oh, and I bought some possible stocking stuffers for later, though I'm pretty tempted to keep my treasures myself.

And, BFF's mom treated us to a delicious brunch and dinner. Brunch was at Joshua's in Woodstock, they specialize in healthy food without having to go the wheatgrass and pita chips route. One of the waitresses had a slight tinge of lime green in her closely cropped hair. Dinner was back in Albany, at Emperor's, a Chinese restaurant. We took home tons of leftovers. I'm fit to burst, and yet --- COOKIES.

and what else makes me happy? This picspam. FList, what do you get when you get two ridiculously beautiful girls who also happen to be best friends and work in the same industry, indeed, for the same talent agency?

ETA: still resizing the pics as I go, the netbook is kind of not handy for this kind of endeavor.

you get the yin and yang of CRAZY HOT that is Maki Horikita and Meisa Kuroki )
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You're welcome, yes, I love you, now vacuum under the couch and bring me a freshly mixed limeade.

Seeing how this is an an previewing Meisa's photobook LOVE MEISA and it'll probably just end up on baidu anyway, I have not watermarked these scans. Have fun, look both ways crossing the fandom street, and remember...I am super awesome. You can not even begin to contemplate the amount of awesome that I am. Because. It is NON-SPECIFIC. (credit would be greatly appreciated, otherwise.)


Sister Angela no more )
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I'm really looking forward to watching Shihori Kanjiya and Junpei Mizobata in Buzzer Beat meet cute and be cute.

Anyway, have some scans of Maki Horikita, Shihori Kanjiya and Jun Kaname at their prettiest (or most ridiculous manga-ified dream.)

so here we are again, waiting for the other one to speak )

Finished all the available subbed episodes of BOSS so far - I was worried that it would be an amalgam of Sex and The City (which I despise) and CSI/the Profiler because the opening credits, you know? Very frothy and cat-walky and has nothing to do with the drama whatsoever. It's a very glossy, very trendy - 'let's play with cool transitions and zoom effects because WE CAN' of the moment type of drama, but has solid acting, especially from Yuki Amami, the female lead and the Boss of the title. It's entertaining, but I'm not emotionally invested in any of the characters.

But yes, they did assemble a fine looking cast.
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Act Mini, vol. 5 2009 featuring some of the spring dorama stars

I've scanned the portraits of the actors, and not the corresponding screencaps/set reports, because I figured you could just watch the shows for that.

Featured: Matsumoto Jun, Ueto Aya, Sato Ryuta, Aragaki Yui, Oguri Shun, Hiraoka Yuta, Tabe Mikako, Matsuda Shota, Kashii Yu, Odagiri Joe, Nagasawa Masami, Mizukawa Asami, Ikuta Toma

I've also begun watermarking all my scans, but if anyone needs the raw scan, just ask me and I'll hook you up.


zipped files live here:

if you want to repost, please do not remove my watermarks (in case of Evil-sama, there are no watermarks, but I figured his scans would be the most popular anyway and would have already popped up), and just let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, as always, have fun using them for graphics/whatever purposes


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