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Act Mini, vol. 5 2009 featuring some of the spring dorama stars

I've scanned the portraits of the actors, and not the corresponding screencaps/set reports, because I figured you could just watch the shows for that.

Featured: Matsumoto Jun, Ueto Aya, Sato Ryuta, Aragaki Yui, Oguri Shun, Hiraoka Yuta, Tabe Mikako, Matsuda Shota, Kashii Yu, Odagiri Joe, Nagasawa Masami, Mizukawa Asami, Ikuta Toma

I've also begun watermarking all my scans, but if anyone needs the raw scan, just ask me and I'll hook you up.


zipped files live here:

if you want to repost, please do not remove my watermarks (in case of Evil-sama, there are no watermarks, but I figured his scans would be the most popular anyway and would have already popped up), and just let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, as always, have fun using them for graphics/whatever purposes
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First: a positive thing - Dev Patel and Freida Pinto apparently fell for each other offscreen as well! How adorable are they?

Episode 2 of Smile was much more satisfying and less cringe inducing than episode 1, but considering the bar has been lowered so far that its just skimming the floor for me in regards to this drama, ...I suppose 'damning with faint praise' would be the best way to sum up e2?

My aborted attempt at episode 1 review is here.

I think my biggest problem with Smile so far is that I want to like it more than I actually do, which is adding to the disappointment factor - because it has the ingredients to be a good solid drama, but I am currently iffy about the execution of said story/message. Because what's overshadowing the basic concept of underdog defeats evil/adapts to hostile environment/finds true love is the PSA/hamfisted attempt to provide social commentary ala Asano Taeko I am never going to get tired of bringing her into it because her writing is indicative of this trend the worst in j-dramas, and yes, I know what TBS, et al are trying to promote here. Of course it's a lovely sentiment/heart in the right place gesture - but that's what it feels like to me, just a gesture. I'm not naive enough to think that Smile is going to seriously affect the on going conversation/denial of immigration issues/racial tensions that exist in Japan (and other civilized countries) because prejudice and racist behavior is learned, and un-learning it is a hard and difficult process.

Baby steps, though. Episode 3 features Evil!Shun and maybe my enjoyment of his Dickensian evil will finally make me warm up to Smile (and [ profile] kitsune714, I know you suffered through 24 episodes of Boys Over Flowers for me, but .......I WILL PERSEVERE, OKAY.)
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smile episode one (and I've now decided I will only watch the episodes as they get subbed and not before): And now for a very Special PSA: Racism is bad! Smiling bravely through the pain and injustice because you can ganbatte your way through everything! Villainy and prejudice through a myopic lens of feel-good-social-commentary, an uplifting love story by way of Lifetime, and more triumph over adversity than you can wave an adorable cellphone accessory tie-in at!

Maybe you didn't love the pig ENOUGH, ever think about that? )
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finished watching Smile, episode 1, raw, as it is the other drama I'm watching this spring season. I will watch it again with subs, certainly, but for now, a tongue in cheek review/first impression

[16:32] [ profile] kitsune714:you know, shibasaki kou at least attempted sign language.
[16:32] [ profile] calledinvain: yeah.
[16:32] [ profile] kitsune714: maybe jun has powers.
[16:32] [ profile] calledinvain: but you know what? i'm not holding my  breath for racial sensitivity or anything resembling 'A UNIVERSAL LOVE STORY.'
[16:33] [ profile] calledinvain: right now, i'm playing the game of HEY IT'S THAT GUY.
when the world smiles.....wait, where are you going? )

Two super-lawyers, deux-ex-schoolgirl (the age difference between Yui Aragaki's character and Matsujun's character kind of makes me go...uhhhhh), OGURI SHUN, and Matsujun's delicious caramel tan will certainly keep me amused for another two episodes, I feel.

Meanwhile, in the Littlest Hobo: the family that superglues together, stays together. And Yusuke is a ridiculously good scene stealer.

your smile

Feb. 12th, 2009 09:55 am
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Thu, February 12, 2009 (1:53am EST)
Jun Matsumoto and Yui Aragaki will co-star in a new TBS drama series titled "Smile." Takayuki Takuma ("Hana Yori Dango") is handling the script, though he is using his real name rather than his usual pen name of Mikio Satake.

Matsumoto plays a half-Filipino whose father has died and mother has disappeared. Despite his misfortune and the issues he deals with, such as race, he lives his life positively with a constant smile.

Similarly, Aragaki plays a young woman living cheerfully despite losing her ability to speak due to an accident. Her character is said to be modeled after a real actress in the theatrical troupe that Takuma runs.

The supporting cast includes Kiichi Nakai as a lawyer who watches over Matsumoto and Aragaki.

"Smile" will air on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in April.

and for Zettai Kareshi fans:

Fuji TV's live-action "Zettai Kareshi" series is coming back for a special episode. Based on the manga by Yuu Watase, the series originally aired from April to June 2008.

The special, titled "Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot~," is set after the end of the series. Mocomichi Hayami will reprise his role as the robot Night (Naito) Tenjo, along with co-stars Saki Aibu and Hiro Mizushima. The cast will have a couple of additions, with Ryoko Kuninaka playing a brilliant scientist and Asahi Uchida playing her assistant.

Fuji TV will broadcast the episode this spring.


and for on the plot of the SP )


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