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While flipping through TV, stopped on the CW and saw a promo for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight...or something, I was laughing too hard to realize what the title was.


None of them are cute as Hiro/Yusuke/Seto/etc. are.
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I love Google reader, I really do - because it tends to suggest blogs that I would like, and 85% of the time, it is absolutely correct. So I've been rediscovering YA authors again (old and new - Sarah Dessen was pregnant! And now she has a cute little girl named Sasha! I love the exclamation point!) through their blogs, and anyway - a random link by and I found Alisa Valdes Rodriguez's take on the Twilight phenomenon and just how much Stephenie Meyers' religious views shape her writing and how there is something disturbing about the Twilight world. I'm not referring to the purple prose, the questionable romance between Edward and Stephenie, Bella, the massive herding of lolcats that is Breaking Dawn. Ms. Rodriguez goes further than the usual fun peel-back-the-glitterlame-scorn-fest that usually accompanies a Twilight review now (or perhaps I am deliberately not reading the ones that praise it and Stephenie to the upper strata of awesometown) and throws in her two cents about how it shouldn't just be excused as a light entertainment.

It was definitely an interesting read, and I can see why it can be construed as controversial. I'm waiting for the full span of a literary critique/argument, and I think that after some of you read that post, you will be too.

Also, Maureen Johnson weighs in on a part of the presidential campaign that shouldn't have been put into the spotlight anyway, but hey, GOP - you brought it up, and now she's A Topic: Free Bristol Palin.

Great post about why comprehensive (dare we say, 'explicit') sex ed should be taught in schools, and why birth control is not the tool of the devil. Purity rings aren't going to save your immortal soul, America.

Also, I believe I should now start every story I tell with, "So, this random gay guy texted me out of the blue on my birthday," now, because not only did I feel like I was actually living a less whimsical episode of This American Life, it actually made me feel younger for a brief moment - flashing back to when I was still twee in high school and had the miniature posse of gay boyfriends to discuss Important Matters and to apply eyeliner with in the school quad.

the weekend

Sep. 5th, 2008 06:42 pm
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Sweet Rain Shinigami no Seido (AKA: Accuracy of Death) is up, with subs. Thank you, birthday gods (and generous fans)

Fan-created English soft subs are finally out for Maki and Tatsuya Fujiwara's war & romance SP, "Tokyo Daikushu"

Fuji put up a skeleton of the official site for Maki's Innocent Love

Proper scans for Shinkansen & Love, featuring Maki & Meisa should up be this weekend (but here are some pictures of Maki's shoot)

I also have some older scans of other j-drama actors up (helllllooo, Yuuta)

I'm caught up with all the hardsubbed episodes of Yasuko to Kenji, and have two episodes of Seigi no Mikata to watch. Then, finally, a Shibatora marathon (one of the better jdramas that no one is watching this season).

Tomorrow I go out for Indian food and beauty things and karaoke with the posse.


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