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I saw Death Cab for Cutie/Rogue Wave last night with my friend Shar, and didn't get to bed until 1 a.m. I am now appropriately zombified - which just reminds me how old I've gotten - back in the day, I used to be able to stay up until 3 a.m., fall asleep for two hours, then get up again and attend a college lecture without any ill effects.

Which of course has come back to haunt me now.

Anyway: a mess of links/reports/fannish squee:

According to Amazon, there is going to be a lot of Mick Takeuchi glee coming out this year:

Bound Beauty, vol. 1 release date September 15 2008

A Wiseman Sleeps, vol. 2 release date June 15, 2008 (I'm getting this next week.)

Her Majesty's Dog, vol. 10 release date August 15, 2008

Her Majesty's Dog, vol. 11 release date November 15, 2008 *sniff* The last volume!

and Matsuri Hino (of Vampire Knight fame)

Captive Hearts, vol. 1 release date November 4, 2008

Captive Hearts, vol. 2 release date January 6, 2009

Vampire Knight, vol. 5 release date September 2, 2008

Wanted, vol. 1 release date September 2, 2008 I read a scanlation of this a while ago, and I'm thrilled to see it's licensed. Matsuri Hino does PIRATES!

Also, I went to Kinokuniya yesterday (just before coming home and realizing that OMG, Death Cab for Cutie was TONIGHT, or last night) and I bought volume 19 of Kurosagi: the Manga. This weekend I'm going to Yosemite, so scans will be late in coming, but yes - Kurosaki's birthday is February 14, which I thought was a bit rich. And I'm going to miss the release of Wanted and Wall-E. >__< Oh well. It'll do me good to get back to nature.

Courtesy of Unleash the Geek - witness the glory of the Hanadan premiere appearance here and here. Shun looks like all that time hanging out with Johnnies has finally taken it's inevitable toll: he looks like the missing member of a boyband, whereas Matsujun and Shota look like members of an 80s new wave outfit. Abe just looks like he's going to hit the bar running.

Mao looks pretty and summery, and also occasion appropriate. That's why she's the clever mastermind.

For [ profile] calixa, what Shota Matsuda is up to, besides not being the other half of Erika Toda's OTP in the lukewarm Code Blue (or as D calls it, Dr. Heli and his perm of Doom)

getting married to Maki for Atsuhime! FINALLY. )

If you loved the tech boys in Get Smart, [ profile] cynicalism, I'm looking at you - they have a spin off DVD of their very own, coming out July 1st.

And now I'm going to go re-read Howl's Moving Castle and stagger off to bed early.


I will reply to comments/stories/bribes/feats of valour next week!
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watch the second clip

I have never been so shippy for Domyouji/Makino, and then I watched that, and it was like...well, now.

Also, Evil-sama's incredible odd attractiveness (a lure, really) continues to hit me over the head like a frozen haddock.

Oh, Evil-sama. ILU.

*or was that "Change it all?" It doesn't matter. Still LOVE.
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[ profile] kitsune714 informed me that Hana Yori Dango Final: finally released a new full length trailer, and so we watched it in tandem last night and giggled/squeed through it.

So now: caps and commentary. Spoilers for the trailer, and clearly for the movie as well.

One Love and One Tiara to bind them all )
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So other than the Edison Chen nude photo scandals, the other big thing in Hong Kong lately has been the arrival of the Hana Yori Dango cast to film parts of the movie in HK. The fan reaction was batshit crazy to put it mildly, and Evil-sama and Shun both look varying shades of uncomfortable, and downright pissed. This is the thing I could never understand about some fangirl behavior - the incessant screaming/running after/grabby hands pack mentality. Maybe it's because while I'm biologically a girl, age-wise, I've left girlhood behind in the metaphorical dust (and that I'm in the same age group as Shun and Matsujun). And even when I've been a fan and had the opportunity to meet actors/musicians, I didn't feel the need to shriek or otherwise scare them. Though there was that one time when James Marsters thought I was badly flirting with him, but that's a whole 'nother story - anyway, I go out of my way to be as polite and respectful as possible, and unobtrusive. It could be a virgo + Asian thing and being sensitive to the whole personal space issue (I FEEL YOUR BOILING BOILING RAGE, EVIL-SAMA AND I MAKE IT MY OWN.) but I just think it's also just a basic human courtesy as well - be kind and courteous unless there's a reason not to - and nothing brings my contempt like flaming stupid, which is what those fangirls exhibited. I get that it's really OMG EXCITING that their idols are There, but they're actual people, over there to do their job, and it's time consuming and expensive. They could have stayed on home turf and done it within the familiarity of their own bubble, but they decided to mix it up and ventured outside. There's a difference from when there's a set stage and you're in the audience and shrieking and flailing - the safety barrier, for one - but if some random strangers just came up to you on the street and they were noisy and loud and pulling at you - I don't know about you, but I'd weigh my legal options first and then belt one of them across the face and then leg it.

I know there's a small contingent of fans making the trek to Las Vegas to hopefully get a glimpse of the HYD cast, and I hope that they'll be smarter about their encounter. I'm not into as HYD as much as I used to be (and truthfully, that was mostly because of the OMG, HANAZAWA RUI factor) but I'll be interested in the movie when it comes out - and crossing fingers, maybe I'll even be in Japan by then so I could watch it. Teaching apps, don't fail me now!

movies what I watched )

as for the dorrrrama side and here be spoilers for current jdramas and kdramas )

I recently listened to albums by Greeeen and HalCali and....I approve. I'm also really liking this korean dream pop band - Dear Cloud. Their premiere PV, featuring Waffle Guy from Coffee Prince is a big drippy valentine to me, because oh my god, I love boys in eyeliner and adam ant/david bowie warpaint and swanning about poetically with guitars and THE PRETENTIOUS IMAGERY AND seriously, this is chocolate cake and strawberries to me. And yes, to clear up any confusion, the lead singer is a woman. ;)

And their entire album is just full of great chill out music, not just Ice Fortress.

but I still LOVE YOU BEST, EVIL-SAMA. <3
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is weird. And the bright yellow subtitles - but...OH HANAZAWA RUI. Oguri Shun on my television!



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