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My crush on Cute Guy has reached disturbing, orange level of WTF. I can't help myself though. I LOVE YOU CUTE GUY. even with the sketch facial hair. Yuuuuuuzzzu.
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is the amount of easily accessible Asian entertainment I have here at home. I'm watching Yuzu on Music Fair on Channel 18 right now (Channel 18 is the mega conglomerate of channels that broadcast Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino material in Los Angeles)

anyway, Yuzu is love.
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happy birthday to [ profile] catslove17!

We've finally entered rainy season here in California, which means endless newscasts with 'STORMWATCH 2009' and the immediate lack of driving skills enmasse, as drivers become panicked about the moisture! falling from the heavens! and oh noes!

Every year, it happens - for the few months it's cold and wet, we completely forget about the rest of the year, when it's dry and warm/hot and oh yeah, it rained like this LAST YEAR ~

so I stayed inside and played on the internet.

[x] fuck yeah glasses - because girls and guys who wear glasses need to have their amazingness lauded.

[x] - I discovered this flash-based, scrolling platform game a few days ago and it's eaten up several hours of my life. I keep on falling into vats of acid. I kind of hate it. But the artwork is amazing and if you're bored of Mario, this is an entertaining alternative.

[x] What Claudia wore - I read the Baby Sitters Club books when I was younger, and though it's tempting to say I identified with Claudia the most because she was Asian-American, had a fantastic relationship with her grandmother, loved art, and hid junk food in her room - it's also because Claudia was clearly the most awesome baby sitter. I will fight you on the playground for this, no lie. WITH A SWORD, if I have to.

[x] Last Christmas - Last Christmas, by wham! is my favorite Christmas song. It beats Silent Night, Silver Bells, Little Drummer Boy (even the one with David Bowie) and all the Beatles related Christmas/Holiday songs. Yuzu's song with Oda Kazumasa "Promise at Christmas" is probably my favorite non-English Christmas song (sorry TVXQ. But Cute Guy wins this one). Anyway, I found a site documenting all the Last Christmas covers.

I may be using Last Christmas as a general inspiration for the entire month of December. You have been warned.

ETA: I've not been getting my comments emailed to me for some reason, so boo, LJ & yahoo.
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I really, really do hope it gets subbed, but I will watch it RAW.

also, the new Yuzu album is excellent. I LOVE YOU CUTE GUY. I think I need to finish my IL recap/affectionate mocking (it's a kdrama done by Japanese people!) soon just so I can sigh over how ADORABLE Yujin Kitagawa is.
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that when someone asks you, "Do you want to die?" the only obvious answer is to reply, "Actually, I would prefer some cake."

Thank you Eddie Izzard.

But really, consider that kdrama staple. Along with standing in the street and yelling, "YAH. [insert name of love interest you loathe but secretly can not live without]" which, by the way, is also apparently the key to ensnaring Kim Jaejoong's heart for your very own. Clearly there are some things that are just bred into the bone. I wonder if there are bonus points for running after his bus.

Me, I'm mostly lazy and prefer to win over people with my effervescent charm and delightful personality. And also I bake.

And another shortcoming - every guy that I've ever intensely disliked, I've really hated their guts. I never had a secret yearning to look at them soulfully in the rain. Because world, sometimes you just hate that person's face. And witty banter? Doesn't work on stupid people.

But it is a plot device for a reason.

The life and times of Saff, unemployed superhero is ticking along smoothly. I've had quite a lot of sleep to make up for all the deficit that went on before in maintaining a semi-professional veneer of competence. I'm getting pillowface, so maybe too much sleep.

But can you blame me when my pillows look like this?

I've had a bit of a rummage and have sold nearly 50% of all my manga and books I don't read anymore. But I worked at Borders for almost two years, and when you factor in the 33% employee discount, that is still a lot of books to get through. I'm trying to accumulate less because I understand realistically, that 90% of the things I buy are things I want, and not need. And if I'm to move to another country, I'd really like to leave as little behind as I possibly can get away with, without a scenario of posting a free for all on Craigslist.

Man, I still can't believe I bought 300. I think I was temporarily insane - I like maybe 1% of Frank Miller's work. I also sold off two Harry Potter hardcovers - the Half Blood Prince and the Order of the Phoenix.

Anyway. Yes, with the decompressing, I've managed to catch up on some fannish inquisition stuff pre-mental breakdown at Work That I don't have to Go Into Anymore because I am the Empress of Awesome, and yes, that's my Official Superhero name:

NSFW. Mukai Osamu and the An An cover of Doom )


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