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Oh LJ promos, sometimes I just don't get you.

You know what else I don't get? Has there been any proof that Asano Taeko and Eriko Kitagawa aren't the exact same person? Like, documented, have they ever been in the same room together?

As for my real life - things are at a terse and tense standstill here and I'll go into detail when I'm less angry/bemused/exasperated. Also, one of my kids said I looked like the fat one from Super Junior. Yes, I know he's not 'fat', but he's 'fat' for South Korea and coming from America, where we do fat properly, I shouldn't be insulted but wait, who said this was a rational anecdote? I was annoyed. That kid looked more like Shin Dong than I do. Save me from pre-teen girls, I swear.

Also, I'm really starting to hate that Ting Tings song.

And Supergrass are breaking up and selling out their store but I hold on hope that one day, they may reunite like Blur. Until then, I will hold onto my very fond memory of seeing them for the first time. We drove by the Capitol Records building and I felt like I was seventeen all over again.

My happy place this morning will be watching the Going Postal miniseries with TAMSIN GREIG & RICHARD COYLE and perhaps dling Black Books. I'm feeling very Bernard lately and less Manny.
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It's a FUJI production, so obviously it's pretty.

spoilers? )
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Okay, so free internet doesn't work on Sunday, because I'm assuming everyone is at church. The proliferation of churches here is a little bit like Starbucks. Often a church is within a few feet of another church, of the same exact faith.

Saturday I had a little bus adventure on my way back from Home Plus+. It's about a 45 minute bus ride from where I used to live, but now that I live about 20 minutes in the other direction, the bus ride is half the time, which is nice. I spent about 43 dollars on groceries (and here, eating out is often cheaper and you don't have to worry about separating your food waste into different bags) which consisted of Sick Food: morning toast, butter, two boxes of tea (ginger & ssanghwa), ramen, rice, curry, yogurt, blueberry milk, some protein, and frozen korean leek squid patties.

Stuff that's really easy to prepare and stretch out with a little bit of imagination for a week or more. And also, I really am going to Seoul next week and getting paid too, so I'll be able to take a break from teaching and maybe recuperate better from this annoying chest cough/cold/flu/I GOT SHOT IN THE ASS FOR THIS? thing.

So I was loaded down with my envirosax (thanks to [ profile] amezri! and on the bus and all was well until I scooted over to let an ajumma sit next to me. I ended up missing my stop and I thought, oh, that's okay, I'll just walk a little longer, no big deal - except my bus drove past the overpass into the next block and there are no pedestrian walkways back - you can only safely get back to my neighborhood by taking another bus back. So after a few aborted attempts to scout/jaywalk routes back, I muttered, sonofabitchkoreaistryingtokillme and got the bus back and then missed my stop there, but just ended up walking a little longer. And then to my house, which has no elevator but these charming, steep stairs. Which makes me wonder how the hell I'm going to get my suitcase and all that down it when it comes time to leave - whether it's a year from now or another month from now, if my recruiter is serious about getting me my own place to live.


So I walked into a Korean ER Friday Night )

I downloaded the Japanese twitter drama Friday in about half an hour (even at a fair connection, Korea's internet speed puts cable at home to shame) and watched it Raw. It's a total Issues drama, but since I'm mostly used to the Asano Taeko school of hackery, I'll be interested to see if Eriko Kitagawa is a bit more subtle. I totally approve of Jaejoong being all earnest and woobie and ADORABLE, by the way.
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when Korea screws me over, Japan tends to bring the happy: I don't say this enough about some dramas, but Seriously, Tumbling is So Fabulously Gay and Sparkly it outsparkles Korea and a Liberace tribute and JE's stage outfits.

Yamamoto Yusuke & Seto Koji and Nishiyama & the littlest Hanadan brother - YOU ARE GLORIOUS AND I LOVE YOU.


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