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I found the two months worth of pictures that I thought I'd accidentally deleted - they were on my netbook instead of my port. harddrive, and after looking through the pictures - I think it was the memory of what I thought had lost that was more dear to me than the actual pictures. The photographs are all ordinary snapshots - what I ate, my new (well, worn in now) blue chucks, the housewarming/Congratulations! You've survived 4 months and haven't had a total nervous breakdown cake, and mostly always of places and things. I don't take a lot of photographs of people and it's not that I'm a self-hating hermit who wanders out from her cave to send the occasional postcard - well, not always.

It always happens, I have these long rambling travelogues planned out and then when I have free time, I end up eating ice cream and watching youtube videos. When I'm away from the children, and on my free time, my life here in South Korea is not that dissimilar from how I was living in California. Which is....not bad, but not exactly great, I think. I left because I wanted to go on adventures, to change, to learn - and while I've learned that my tolerance for bureaucratic bullshit is remarkably high if there's a language barrier involved, I don't know if I've really changed. I am always my worst critic however, so take this with a grain of salt.

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snaps to [ profile] tinyangl for bringing this cinematic greatness to my attention, because okay, I couldn't last through Smile, but SIGN ME UP FOR FORBIDDEN LOVE BETWEEN EMOTEEN VAMPIRE AND HIS BABYFACED TEACHER. (DUDE, I KNOW.)

American TV only WISHES it was this warped. It's funny how I can't abide Twilight, but I think it's because it takes itself so seriously when it's clearly a giant pile of fail - whereas this jdrama clearly looks like its sending itself up. I don't know. I don't ask motives, I just enjoy the sheer lunacy.

eta: he wears a hoodie YOU KNOW HE'S DARK AND TWISTED INSIDE.

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*note to self, when Moneypenny is functioning again, work on enormous icon batch for AtaDan, incredibly iconable

Hmmm, just as my subject line says. Waiting for Giri Giri to post the softsubs for AtaDan 9: where the eyeflirting and ambiguous glances are exchanged by many! (Like the title of the kdrama parody on MADTV!)

I'm going to be sad when my happy sunshine spring into summer show is over after episode 11. I mean, there's yakuza!Meisa to look forward to, but oh, Ookuras. I heart them so much as a family, and episode nine is full of the reasons why.

Anyway, have some scans from Junon (the clerks at Sanseido are so used to my schizophrenic, random purchases now. My recent haul was Mika Ninagawa's New Half mook - where I marvel at how much neon pink goes in on a MN photoshoot, and how the surgeons do really good work, but there's still some obvious tells, JUNON (I was so embarrassed by this. It's like the equivalent of buying um...Bop and erm, a teeny magazine when you're not a teeny anymore.), Men's Joker, FineBoys, and I was going to buy FRAU for the gorgeous mini insert of Kanjiya Shihori in wedding kimono attire, but decided to pass on it for next time. Seriously, I've always thought she was pretty but those pictures = super maximum gorgeousness.)

feel free to use for translations, graphics and the like. No reposting unless I do it (obviously), and credit [ profile] calledinvain if you're so inclined.

Both Yusuke and Koji have a pinup poster in this issue, and there's more with Yusuke as well, but they'll be posted later once I get my main computer issues sorted out.

And also, for fans of OTOMEN, as posted earlier - it's been turned into a live action drama, airing this summer on Fuji, a more extended cast list has been posted on Dramawiki, and it's certainly moved up on higher on my list of things to watch. There's a mix of the usual suspects (Fuji loves the Hana Kimi alums, plus it doesn't hurt that most of them have went on to become Big Names) and new people.

I've read scanlations of the first volumes and I know [ profile] meganbmoore likes it, but I'll be going into the drama manga blind. I think that helps with the experience, because I have no particular attachment to the manga whether it's mild amusement/like (Hana Kimi) or full out disdain (Hana Yori Dango).

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bluelovesorange: (brothers Ohkura) subbed Atashinchi no Danshi episode 8, and you guys, IT IS EVEN BETTER WITH SUBS.

I'm still going to watch it again tomorrow with GiriGiri's subs, because I love their notes and DC is good for a quick sub, but GG gets all the dialogue and so on.

That makes the viewing count for the entirety of AtaDan 8 well into the twenties, while fastforwarding to certain parts....

anyway, yes.

And I watched the first episode of BOSS, subbed and I can say that Mizobata Junpei is the woobiest rookie cop that ever woobied, Erika Toda's finally in a role where she doesn't annoy the snot out of me (I haven't really enjoyed any of her post NWP roles), I get to stare at Tetsuji Tamayama and Takenouchi Yutaka wearing suits all episode long, the lead character played by Amami Yuki is a stone cold fox (competency! it's so SEXY.), and while I worried that it'd be Sex in the City meets CSI (both shows I absolutely cannot stand), it managed to throw in a few surprises the first episode out. I might still give up on it, but right now, it's fulfilling the 'enjoy the dramaaaaa' standards I have.

So I've been keeping to my jlist so far: loving Atadan (obviously), suffering through SMILE (I still haven't finished watching episode 3 subbed - deux ex magical school girl is sparring for the anvils of Everyone Hates Jun because he's *Gasp* HALF-FILIPINO for why I am hating my drama watching life, and I really hope Evil Blond Shun's bastard ways are worth it), I'm about to watch Mr. Brain (GACKT as evil psychopath! I approve. I always said he looked like he ate virgins for breakfast.), and I've added BOSS to the list.
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for [ profile] sireensilver and [ profile] tinyangl, the website for Twin Spica is up! (and ORANGE RANGE IS DOING THE THEME SONG.) And apparently Nanami is going to be in the wee JE vampire drama as well? *facepalms*

Now. Back to writing my 'ship manifesto for AtaDan (, a bunch of people have friended me over the last two days because of the screencapsquee.) I'll get to everyone's comments eventually, I'm just in my bubble of OMGAWESOME right now.


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