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I actually downloaded and watched Ep 11 of Last Friends raw a few days back, but I didn't have much to say after the fact (still working through rage issues on episode 10), and it's too hot to form anything coherent this weekend either, so instead, have some pic spam!

I'm a prisoner of love )
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I think this ep is probably the most disturbing ep of the series so far, and for this series, that's saying a lot.

While I think they overuse the music cues re some characters, I have to admit that I have an almost Pavlovian reaction once I hear some bars of music and I just know that the next few minutes are going to be bad. It's like a horror movie in the Hitchcock tradition.

I need to finish watching Medaka so I can take comfort in Eita as hot construction guy and Yuuta in argyle. (Yuuta is going to be a lawyer with glasses and a suit, one assumes in his next drama. I'M SO EXCITED.)

After I get back with my laundry, I'm going to watch Iljimae episode 4. This show should just be called: Everyone hates Lee Junki and is trying to kill him.

episode 7

May. 25th, 2008 01:53 pm
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I'm just ten minutes in and .....

strange how orderly and considerate all this emotional wreckage is. Pragmatic, even.

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The scriptwriter for Last Friends is the same person who did the film adaptations for NANA 1 + 2, and also the writer for Love Generation. Maybe Tetsuji Tamayama can do a guest spot....

Also, I watched the first subbed ep of Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne! and my god, Kaname Jun is ridiculously attractive, and also just ridiculous. He seems to be playing unwitting comic foil to mystery masterminds a lot more lately, or maybe he's in a Mystery Rut... but the show itself is amusing, and I've liked that actress ever since I saw her in Swing Girls (and from Hana Yori Dango, as Sojiro's first love!)


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