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There's an official facebook group up for Maki's international film debut, Dareka ga Watashi ni Kissu wo Shita. The director of the film, Hans Canosa is commenting and posting answers to fan questions right now.

spread the word!

eta: I love it when creators of things get involved - and we had a small conversation regarding my scans! <---geeker joy
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if rumor is true, this means Maki will have made her way through 3/5 of Arashi.




ETA: it appears that I broke twitter. Or twitter is broken. Anyway.

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tokujo kabachi ep2 softsubs released.

Ep 4 of the kabachi gives us Maki as Misuzu infiltrating a hostess club, drunk Misuzu, Tamura's suspicions of Dai-sensei entrapped in compensated dating, more close ups of the 3,000 dollar wig, and the opening riff of "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn & John as music cue repeatedly throughout the episode, so I'm taking that as a shout out to [ profile] sinonymity

I've consumed a lot of media in the past few days: I finally saw Zombieland and the omibus film New York I love you, caught up with episodes 5-7 of Pasta, watched the most recent episodes of Community and Leverage.

Zombieland was enjoyable, and I vaguely remember the guide it was based off when I was still working at Borders. Though my favorite zombie movie will still always be Shaun of the Dead. And I know it seems like I've been focused on race issues lately (what with the most obvious fail of Avatar: the Last Airbender, etc.) but it was a thought re: Zombieland, with the sheer amount of Chinese & Indian people on the globe, and then factor in vegetarians and vegans, it made no sense to me that the only people alive after the Zombie apocalypse would be quippy American Apparel attractive Caucasians. Of course, I could be missing something, (other than the obvious: thinking Deep Thoughts about effing Zombieland) but yeah. It was a fun movie for what it was.

New York I love you was a pretty movie, but disjointed terribly - I didn't feel any of the vignettes really flowed into the other very well (and oh wow, Hayden Christensen is a terrible actor. Terrible.) and while well intentioned, never really gave me a impression of a true New York. As a real character in the stories, not merely a backdrop to it - and a lot of the shots seemed rather generic, postcard cookie cutter New York, of the I ♥ NY variety and on tv sitcoms. They could have been filmed in any metropolitan city - with the exception of the short film featuring Julie Christie & Shia LeBouef, which seemed completely out of place with the 'modern' films of NY, almost dream like and a throwback to old mystery films. It kind of jarred with the rest of the films, but I definitely remembered it.

A few stand out performances/memorable moments - Anton Yelchin has never been so adorable, Maggie Q and Shu Qi's amazing face (I could look at her face all day - she's simply mesmerizing), Chris Cooper's Cantonese, the moment the light catches Natalie Portman's head, the Legend of Earthsea anime playing in the background of Orlando Bloom's film (helmed by Shunji Iwai, full of his trademarks) and the film about the elderly couple.

Community is clever but not annoying, snarky but not mean-spirited for the sake of subversion or cool. And it consistently spotlights a member of their ensemble cast and everyone gets to have an A story, often in surprising and unexpected ways. Plus, Troy and Abed's epic bromance for the ages: "They're just jealous." I'm so glad streams it so I don't have to watch it on NBC.

Leverage is missing something, and it's not just the splendid Gina Bellman. While I really like the new character that Jeri Ryan plays, I feel like I'm missing the old adrenaline spark that Leverage used to bring. Maybe it's because when it's consistently good, just 'okay' episodes, while still better than most primetime television, falter when I remember just how great Leverage has been.

Pasta is going to require another post. Namely, I have my reservations (ha!) about Pasta, and why I can only still, after seven episodes (nearly at the half way mark) only like and not love the drama, though it's trying really hard to make me love it.
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I'm sure that's what they all say.

Soft subs are out for the first episode of the Sho & Maki comedy hour, Tokujo Kabachi!! here and up @ d-addicts as well.

Sho's Tamura is the Bambi-eyed idealist, who is at best, only a mediocre law student, who believes in the power of the law - but lacks the verve and cold-blooded efficient ruthlessness of Maki's Misuzu. Misuzu passed the examination out of high school, has been working for four years, and oh, also managed to get married and divorced in that time as well. I'm sure her ex-husband will pop up later on in the series. And I would LOVE it if he's played by another member of Arashi.

Can you imagine Maki married to Ohno? Or Nino? OR AIBA.



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