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And I can say that, being of Chinese/Taiwanese stock. China's Ugly Betty 'not ugly enough.'

It's been a slow day, and I'm easily amused.
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[ profile] kitsune714 and I agree [and we're superior to the other four dentists] - John Cusack's gradual image change from offbeat, dark and sardonic character actor to mainstream family affair 'I'm a lovable dad!" actor is rather troubling. (I might have enjoyed his turn in Must Love Dogs, but it was a sort of held over crush on Lloyd Dobler - oh hay, Lloyd Dobler is all grown up! And he's going after a girl who's actually awesome! Unlike Ione Skye's character in Say Anything - who I did not think was all that awesome. Lili Taylor, John! You should've gone after Lili Taylor!)

It is like John Cusack turned into Patrick Dempsey. And I scorn the Dempsey.

Anyway, here's the last clip in the most recent episode of Cartoon KATT-UN and you can see the preview for Maki Horikita's appearance. She is, as ever, cuter than a bowl of kittens with sprinkles - and the boys seem to be enjoying themselves.
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Do you think that popular culture accurately represents the environment it reflects? For example, America's on going love affair with mostly crappy reality tv shows, game shows, and the 100 ton behemoth that represents the Law & Order franchise? I predict, 20 years later, Law & Order: In Hyperspace will be running, with reanimated heads as the actors. (Futurama said it, so it MUST be true.)

I'm only pondering this because of my recent immersion in asian pop culture (reclaiming the other half of my hyphenated existence, one could say) and trying to see the truth among all the pretty, shiny lies/entertainment, and trying to interpret it through the Western filter. Pop culture is escapism or satire waiting to be written, but what is commonly loved and hated among the masses - isn't it also a reflection of our ideals/expectations?

Then again, I could just be over-reaching or oversimplifying. I do that sometimes.

Also, I have now firmly decided that Japan is a nation full of virile young men (read: Pop stars/actors/models) waiting to marry the slightly more experienced older woman. Maybe all those office-lady dramas had something more than just wish fulfillment going on.

While I'm being 89% facetious, the other percent notices that for the most part, courtships among the cognesceti often span years, and usually marriage occurs when the lady gets pregnant. (See: Kimura Takuya defense.) This also happens with brooding British musicians.

Oguri Shun's best friend (and really, he has a name and I know it, but I just like calling him Oguri Shun's best friend) Tsukamoto Takashi (that blond Casa Nova in Stand Up!, the love interest in Teppan Shoujo Akane, etc, etc.) is getting married/is married to his significant other, she's apparently five months pregnant, and seven years older. Love is love, after all - and when you're ready, you're ready.

I am not ready. I'm still at that delightful, "Let's make out, and have a conversation about Sartre, and I'll make you a mixtape!" phase.

It's a pretty awesome phase.

But one day, I'd like think I'd be at the Margaret Atwood - Variations on the word 'Sleep' phase - I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed & that necessary.
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Why did you all (those who know anyway) NOT TELL ME that Yamapi has a belly button piercing? YOU ARE FIRED, friendslist!

All.....three four of you who know who I'm talking about.


Oh, cold medicine, you are bright and shiny.
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Ah, Grey's Anatomy - uniting the Amish and having Addison constantly taking off her glasses - for this, I will tolerate Mer/Der.

But now for the flail that has eaten my brain:

reactions and the squeak heard round the room - Hana Yori Dango Episode 4 )


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