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When I came home from work today, my order of the Making of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and Miss x Match books were waiting for me. Both of them were smaller than I expected, but chock full of pretty pictures. Miss X Match happens to be the sapphilicious photobook Maki did with her friend (and fellow Sweet Power talent) Meisa Kuroki, and it's got a pretty nifty pedigree attached to it - the photographer is Kishin Shinoyama, who's famous for his photobooks/shoots concerning the female form.

When I looked through the photobook, I finally understood how some comic book geeks can get about bagging and sealing up their precious issues, to keep it archive quality - because really, these photographs are beautiful. The paper's a bit thinner than I'm used to for photograph books, but I suppose that's to be expected, it's a paperback after all.

Anyway, because I want to keep my photobook in a book shape and not smash it out all of its binding (unless I decide to buy another copy just for scanning purposes), I scanned the very last image in the book.

another side of Maki you may not have expected )

huge screencaps of some of my favorite highlights of the Hana Kimi finale. Be warned, these are huge. )
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I'm watching the prefinale SP for Hana Kimi, and you guys, I cannot stop smiling. There may be a little crying too.


In other news, Yuuta Hiraoko has MAD SKILLZ. Oh, Yuuta. Who knew you had it in you? Take that, JE boys!

liveblogging for the series finale of Hanazakari no kimitachi e )
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My birthday may have come and gone, but I'm still celebrating in my own way. My friend fixed my wireless connection on my laptop, the temperature in southern California has dipped down to not-brain-melting temperatures, so I'm finally getting around to working on the special omnibus edition of screencap reviews - three episodes in one, it's going to be epic.

I'll start with the most recent episode first though, as it contains scenes of PURE DELIGHT.

this is just a teaser.

picscenespam of Episode 10 - aka the episode I wanted to marry )
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oh why do fools fall in love? )
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ETA: 17.08.07 Episode 7 soft-subs are out, and I just finished watching the RAW w/it. I'm tweaking the last part of the screencap review for the contexty bits.

Anyway. With subs? Episode 7 IS EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Mizuki and Sano sitting in a tree, S-T-A-R-I-N-G at each other..... )

Will be continued after I get some ice cream. I'm mellllllting

the return of the kissing monster )


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