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It's lunar new year here in SoKo (back home it would be Chinese New Year) so tomorrow is the start of my vacation. Technically today should be the start of my vacation, but because my boss is Dilbert's boss, we're coming in today so we can give advancement exams for the students. Nevermind that we were supposed to do that last week and so we're going against HQ.

It's okay! I'm almost free! Lots of exclamation points!

the sole reason I actually wrote all that text up there )
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You have to remember I'm from Southern California. We don't really have "weather" so much as we have those moments where it rains and then moments where it doesn't.

That's the temperature in Celsius, btw. You know when in Korea, be as Korean as possible.
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It is kind of zen.

If anyone was thinking of sending me anything in the post - please hold off or don't send it, my school is moving Dec. 11/12 and I won't know the new mailing address until then. I may also be moving to another apartment (for those of you keeping track at home, that's the fourth time).

I will be mailing packages and cards this week and next week.

And making lists. Lots of lists of little things that keep me happy, sane, content because I feel that I am going to be needing those lists very soon.
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I'm back from my whirlwind jaunt through Seoul ~

I am running alternately hot and cold - part of it is fever, part of it is the million plus steps I had to take everywhere in Seoul and then the stairs back at home, which was not helped by my very generous (and ill thought out) massive splurging on holiday presents and the like

I delight in my shallow. Practically exult in it, as a matter of fact.

[ profile] fivethreerin and her friends are lovely lovely girls and I'm sure our time together would have been even better if we didn't all come down with various stages of the plague.

Namsan Tower? YEAH I WENT THERE.

I also shopped in Myeong-dong and JYJ are EVERYWHERE (as are cat cafes). The tower? Sponsored by Nature's Republic!

I also went to Hongdae. It's as funky and eclectic and full of college students as you would expect it to be but alas I did not see JGS or Moon Geun Young strolling hand in hand in dorkish glee. Oh, drama.

Going to watch the subbed Mary Stayed out All Night eps 3, 4 and then start watching Secret Garden!

I always say this - but more later.


This weekend made up for the week in Seoul where much blood, sweat, and tears were taken (aka TRAINING WEEK)


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