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Hate to say it though - Ed, you're just not my type. But I had to screencap for posterity only because it made me cackle at 2 in the morning, and it seems like less and less makes me smile these days. Deep we go into my embarrassing fb emo-badlands.

Hopefully I'll be going to the wilds of Seoul with F this weekend, so the craptacular that was this week will be a distant memory.
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Buddha's birthday was celebrated in Korea yesterday, so it was a nice beginning to a three day weekend here. I went to Daejon yesterday to visit my friend G. I met her in training in Seoul, and we became quick friends, bonding over love of discounts, music, and the ridiculousness that is official training. We had a nice day out in Itaewon while we were in Seoul, and once we got posted on our positions (I went back to Gwangju, and she got a school in the city where she lives), we made informal plans to meet up again soon. I wasn't expecting it to be this soon, but luckily G was game to show me around her city (official motto: "It's Daejon!").

We walked around the downtown area, I shopped a little, and then we went to Costco. COSTCO. Incidentally Costco's entry in the Gwangju handbook is "there's a Costco located 2 hours away in Daejon."

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So, at some point I am going to break down the Seoul training fiasco day by day, agonizing minute by minute - but not right now as I have to direct you over to Meisa's website so you can watch her latest PV, -FIVE- and commence the lolcats, because while not as great as the cinematic masterpiece that is CRIMINAL (vampire cat burglar who fights crime!) or Bad Girl (Meisa needs NO BACKDANCERS!), it does fulfill all the usual requirements of a Meisa video: a strangely catchy beat, english phrase, Meisa looking infuriatingly hot, lack of pants but in a classy way - because remember, Meisa *is* classier than all of those hoes (Oh yeah Koda Kumi, I'M TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT YOU), and the fanservice kinks. I really do believe that with -FIVE-, Meisa's stepping up in her bid to be a gay icon because she is the master of the dance floor - she has magic powers! She dances with girls! Boys break dance! Fangirls weep in autotuned chorus "Yeah, I'd hit that," and you know, tomorrow is another day!

In English related news - I'm watching the late Happy Town, because I am about a million years behind in English language television anyway, so why not watch something that's cancelled?

  • Community continues to be better than Glee, though I admit I did listen to Glee's Showstoppers CD and okay, I'm a sucker for Total Eclipse of the Heart

  • In my times of great despair and rage at the fail!boat situations that Korea has thrust my way, I watch Golden Girls and think, goddamn, I wish I was Dorothy. She had it together, despite the show's insistence that she was a manly freakshow.

  • I think I will come back with all my clothes being UNIQLO, as I'm too scared to go into Zara to see if I could fit in their clothes. Though, I did buy a Zara trenchcoat in SEOUL that fit...

  • One thing that happened in training that made me laugh a lot - one of my fellow trainees (and now a friend) thought I was 21 years old. TWENTY-ONE. She's Korean, by the way - but yeah. That gave me the giggles. I haven't been twenty one...for quite a long time, and to be told that I looked twenty one? That was nice. A bald faced lie, but nice! Or sweet, as my subject line suggests. I will say, when I'm not in the throes of PMS, my skin here and my general health (please disregard the month of the Ginger Plague) has been excellent. I guess I'll always look younger than my real age though, because my face is round and I tend to laugh and smile a lot and the overwhelming immaturity youthful outlook on life I have, but yeah. Thank you, Asian genes. And also Neutrogena. Sunblock, that shit works!

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Oh Korea.

Good news, I went back to track down my Uniqlo bag at Joybox and it was there. A very bemused manager had to deal with my delighted, "IT'S MINE!" and pantomiming hands of joy.

oh home

Apr. 22nd, 2010 12:43 pm
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[ profile] calledinvain: well shit. I do miss America.
[ profile] kitsune714: i didn't tell you?
[ profile] kitsune714: i kind of want one
[ profile] calledinvain: NO YOU DID NOT.
[ profile] calledinvain: i found out about this THROUGH NPR.
[ profile] kitsune714: THERE IS A GRILLED VERSION.
[ profile] kitsune714: WHAAA.
[ profile] calledinvain: NPR!
[ profile] kitsune714: i thought this was common knowledge.
[ profile] calledinvain: NO.
[ profile] kitsune714: like, worthy of international news.
[ profile] kitsune714: so basically.
[ profile] calledinvain: i don't have a tv here remember? and wonky internet.
[ profile] kitsune714: i was upset that there is no extra crispy version
[ profile] calledinvain: it's not like fried chicken and cheese is something I google regularly.
[ profile] kitsune714: and i don't believe that there is only 540 calories in a single one.

to paraphrase Stephen Colbert, thinker of our time: "There's fat, and then there's American Fat."


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