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[ profile] kitsune714 just informed me Code Blue 2 started, and is watching it out of a strange car wreck fascination. I ceased to care about Yamapi past Kurosagi, so I haven't really watched any of his shows. This is how our buddy system works. I watch shows she won't touch and vice versa. And sometimes, we just both go for the bad decision. An executive fail, if you will.

[ profile] kitsune714: OH, 23 SECONDS IN
[ profile] kitsune714: AND FIRST ERROR.
[ profile] kitsune714: CHEST X RAY FLIPPED BACKWARDS
[ profile] kitsune714: THE WRONG WAY
[ profile] kitsune714:OH NO.
[ profile] kitsune714: OH NO, YAMAPI.
[ profile] kitsune714: WAIT.
[ profile] kitsune714: THAT'S NOT A PERM.
[ profile] kitsune714: OH NO.
[ profile] calledinvain: i said so, didn't I.
[ profile] kitsune714: WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
[ profile] kitsune714: OH, STOP THAT.
[ profile] kitsune714: WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
[ profile] kitsune714: OH MY GOD, GET AWAY FROM THE BABY
[ profile] kitsune714: GET AWAY FROM THE BABY
[ profile] kitsune714: YAMAPI NO
[ profile] kitsune714: GOD, JAPAN.

Me, I find very little to get indignant about jdramas' (except the usual plot, story issues) creative license issues regarding my profession and interests, other than the occasional, "Gee, I wish they'd stop portraying English teachers as slutty, shiftless, drunken slobs." (and this is only a small handful of shows, mind you, and not all in one character)
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I got a surprise Christmas card (a glittery snow man) from the wonderful girls @ Unleash the Geek - when I saw the Singapore postmark, I thought of someone else - but then when I opened it, I burst out laughing.

Because not only had they wished me a very sweet holiday season, they enclosed playing cards with Yamapi's face on them - one from Code Blue and one doing 'dead fish' blue steel.

Thank you, Unleash the Geek! I always do enjoy starting my day with laughter.

that reminds me, I need to get started on my own holiday mail. And find my address book. I won't be sending out Christmas cards (far too late, as I am planning on making cards...and things) but if I have your address....

well, if I have it, I have it. :D

also, if you go over to (depending on time zones) her new PV "Are Ya Ready?" is up and streaming. 12/10 ~ 12/11 so hurry over to look at the wtf!sword usage and Meisa being sexyfiercecooldorky.
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The big news in dorama fandom today apparently is the announcement of Yamapi's latest getsu9 drama, which is titled (tentatively? it seems pretty final) "Buzzer Beat - Hero on the Edge".

Excuse me, I need to compose myself for a second.

Because internal voice over guy just said....Hero on the EDGE, and if any of you have ever seen an AXE deodorant CM, that's what I was thinking, and now...yes. A moment, please.

It looks like typical summer bright romance fluff, and I hope it does well, and I'll be checking it out, because I kind of miss the days when I actively enjoyed watching Yamapi, and not just to make fun of his terrible hair or dead fish eyes (but so cute, for dead fish, n'est pas?) and you know, the affectionate scorn was affectionate and not so much just...bored scorn.  (Because srsly, ProDai die in a fire, and code blue give me a fbreak.)

But I'm really enthused for the supporting cast (MAYA MIKI OMG YAY. Shihori Kanjiya, MIZOBATA JUNPEI, and Ito Hideaki, who is in my pantheon of attractive 30ish J-actors who need to show up in dramas more.)

OH, AND I ALMOST FORGOT THIS: Nagase: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY It's sounding a bit like Austin Powers meets Maxwell Smart, and that is not a bad thing, if it's Nagase putting on the nun habit. This one I'm anticipating.

Mr. Brain soon!
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Fact: it is raining right now in Southern California, and looks like it will rain through Memorial Day weekend. I think this is EXCELLENT. Because I was getting tired of the freak heatwaves.

Plus, I just got a huge box from RightStuf and I'm still not done with my order from so I have a looooot to keep me occupied this weekend.

List of Manga to read/re-read )

would you trust Yamapi to take your temperature and not jab you in the eye with the thermometer? Starting July.... )

[ profile] kitsune714 and I watched Koizora with subs last night. I have to say, it's an experience that can not be summed up in mere words.

But I will try. "That is the power of my love."

Thank you, I'll be here all week.
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I forgot it was daylight saving time until late this afternoon when I came home from Kinokuniya - and promptly panicked. Where is my hour? Time seems to be moving too fast.

Kurosagi premiered in Japan, and well, there's been a ton of promotion for it in the last few weeks.

Pretty Girls and the Emo boys who haven't quite gotten the clue )


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