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Working 10 hour days is nothing, considering that friends of mine have worked longer shifts in their own careers (lawyers, doctors), but this mandatory overtime at work has been kind of a bitch and a half. It's like the world doesn't exist outside of an a/c cube.

Anyway, I'll be at Comic-con this Sunday, and apparently I missed a lot of hilarz when the cast of Twilight and La Dame Meyers showed up today. A quote from Stephanie Meyers:
"There are so many girls out there who do not know kung fu, and if a guy jumps in the alley they're not going to turn around with a roundhouse kick," Meyer said. "There's a lot of people who are just quieter and aren't having the Prada lifestyle and going to a special school in New York where everyone's rich and fabulous. There's normal people out there and I think that's one of the reasons Bella has become so popular."

Innocuous words, but I don't know about you - I might not know kung fu, but growing up with overprotective, paranoid Asian parents who were convinced that in every dark alley hid a rapist, I did learn a few things about making sure I stayed out of harm's way.

I'm going to Seattle next month to visit my dear [ profile] aquacat37 and I just bought the ticket today. I'm very excited.

I received the American DVD version of SPACED (aka, one of my favorite shows EVER.) and aside from the third disc (which has a very amusing Q & A with Edgar and Simon, and then the rest of the cast, minus Jess) and a few interesting tidbits on the American commentary (Diablo Cody sounds younger than I was expecting her to sound, while Patton Oswald's commentaries were my favorite because he was so unrepentantly a fan of the show and talked about it, and his undying love for Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) and Daisy.)

I'll do a side by side comparison with the UK Special Edition soon.
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Scotland, preferably Edinburgh, with my girl S. Because that's where our friendship really bloomed, and because if Scotland was a person, I'd marry it.
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Well we all know what happened when I got home from my vacation (plague, pestilence, and tears), but here is a recap of what went on the Great Escape 2007.

the Laughing Girl Revue World Tour 2007 (now with more glasses!)

New York, New York )
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Uploading my last memory card now, but here's the Flickr travelogue in full affect. Mostly the themes are: pictures of really pretty scenery, pictures of food, pictures of my hair, pictures of the Wonder Twins, and pictures of the places we stayed at. And pictures of food. I'm slowly sorting all the captions and titles out, but I've already tagged a few. I'll try and do a write up of the entire adventure today, but right now I have to go fuel my car, exchange my money at Downtown Disney, and eat something that isn't a candy bar.

As an added bonus - silly little video of an Irish kitten


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