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...of Japanese TV doramas.

I felt rather underwhelmed with most of the winter season (though if you haven't watched Akai Ito, whyever the hell not? It's a cell phone adaptation that doesn't suck, and the main characters are fleshed out and emotionally real, and oh, I need to make a longer post about it without falling into flail.)

But spring season is looking decidedly up my alley. I have narrowed down my choices thus far:

Mr. Brain

Kimura plays the part of Ryusuke Tsukumo, a neuroscience researcher affiliated with a National Police Agency laboratory. Although his skills help solve difficult cases, he has one flaw: he is generally "clueless to the situation" (better known by the slang term "KY," or "kuuki o yomenai"), leading to various comical interactions. In general, each episode will be a different case.

Kimura's assistant will be played by Haruka Ayase, while Hiro Mizushima will take on the role of a young cop. Other characters include the head of the lab (Mao Daichi), another detective (Teruyuki Kagawa), and a couple of researchers (Yuji Tanaka of Bakusho Mondai and Tortoise Matsumoto of Ulfuls).

Sounds like a funny version of Galileo, and...with less math, but I liked Galileo a great deal, HIRO! and Haruka!

Oh, and that guy from SMAP. *g*


(and this is how I decided on that)

[21:56] [ profile] calledinvain: that was japan STABBING YOU IN THE FACE.
[21:56] [ profile] kitsune714: SPITTING IN MY FACE.
[21:56] [ profile] kitsune714: and then SCRATCHING OUT MY EYES
[21:57] [ profile] calledinvain: but you know i'm going to watch the first episode.
[21:57] [ profile] kitsune714: i know.
[21:57] [ profile] kitsune714: i watched cat vomit for you.
[21:57] [ profile] kitsune714; now it's your turn.
[21:57] [ profile] calledinvain: yes, i was going to say.

That's how our friendship works, people. We watch crap potentially hilariously terrible shows so the other one doesn't have to. Unless the awful is so MESMERIZING, that to not share would just be WRONG. Like that one SP I made her watch because in it, Maki Goto strangles a [has been redacted because the memory of it made me LAUGH SO HARD] with pantyhose! And it makes this whump noise when it falls over?

Yes, yes, look away now. But yes. Evil-sama's drama with Shun as Filipino gang members or what not and muteness and "Let it Be" in all the promo music. Oh, Mother Mary come to me, speaking words of wisdom......

and finally, no surprise,

THE LITTLEST HOBO er, Atashinchi no Danshi!

Fuji remembers what made Maki a total rockstar, and gives her a family comedy, so we can all forget the regret and trauma that was Innocent Love (though, Cute Guy.) Yusuke Yamamoto as a model with gynophobia! (well not really, I just find the term gynophobia hilarious.) Kaname Jun as a genius playboy who has 99 problems but..... That Guy from Nobuta wo Produce (and a host of other really good dramas) being a Yanki hoodlum marshmallow. Guy who played Unfortunate Haruma Miura stand-in in TV Koizora as a recluse with bad 80s fashion!

Requisite chibi hapa actor who is Smarter than everyone!

And Mukai Osamu, who I think looks a bit like this Korean actor that I can't name right now, but anyway, is handsome and a host.

Six adopted brothers who don't like each other, one ex homeless girl who's never had a real family, one sketch marriage, and one REAL SCOTTISH CASTLE.

I CANNOT WAIT. (it airs on Black Day!)
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Leverage's season finale confirmed to me how clever and inventive it is. And for a heist/caper show, it is really about the emotions binding these five thieves together. It's not about the money, not really.  I love the symmetry of the finale with the premiere, that Nate's ex-wife is awesome, that there is not-apologies, and that it reached a satisfying conclusion and yet hints at what's to come, but not in a manipulative, *cough* JJ Abrams/Joss Whedon are you LISTENING? cliffhanger way.

I really do love this show, I hope the second season is even better than the first.
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It's kind of telling how when going down the red carpet pictures, the one actress I get excited about seeing at the Oscars is Ryoko Hirosue, even though I haven't seen the film she's in (Departures, or Okuribito). It's nominated for best Foreign Language Film this year at the Oscars.

I don't think I'll  be tuning into the telecast (there's hulu and youtube now) and because I still have yet to see all of the nominees - every year, my interest in the Oscars dwindles.

Anyway, I'll be surprised if Slumdog Millionaire doesn't win at least one of its nominated categories, or if Heath Ledger doesn't get an Oscar posthumously.
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You guys. I stayed up until five in the morning to finish watching the batch of Leverage episodes I had. (Unemployment Saff doesn't care about her cicadian rhythms!)

I think Episode 4: "The Miracle Job" is my favorite though.

I still need episode 7 and a better copy of episode 3, I lost like 15 minutes somewhere in the download.
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re: Leverage, [ profile] darkeyedwolf, I just finished watching episode 1, am part way through episode 2, have 4 queued up for download, and I need episode 3. NVM: [ profile] kitsune714 comes through! Could you possibly help a girl out here?


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