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from Tofugu's 5 scary Japanese things for Halloween post.

Littlest Hobo shout out, you know it.

So, I'm going to write about the Halloween Party in another post, but yesterday I hung out with a new friend I made at the Foreigners/Koreans dinner. We ate lunch at Outback Steak House, we talked about the difficulties of work and what we loved about being teachers in a foreign land, and then we spent the rest of the day shopping, browsing in book stores, buying presents for other people (me - there are going to be some care packages winging their way westward soon), and eating yummy Korean fried chicken at the end of the day. With crinkle cut fries and tater tots. I also got a wooly hat with a bobble on it and it is bright turquoise blue. It is the best hat in the world.

I have to go finish grading papers and online homework, but pictures, Halloween Make Up (though I am not going out, I can still do this at home!) and more later.

Also I am following JYJ on twitter and the fact that Jaejoong tweets that he can't wait to fly home to see his cat makes me kind of melt. I love people who love animals, and when they are ridiculously attractive men who love their cats, I melt more. TRUTH.
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fandom colliding: Na In (or is it Nine?) of Dear Cloud dueting with Rachael Yamagata for her song Be Be Your Love

Dear Cloud is the r0xors. For all my pop sensibilities, I am a rock and roll girl at heart, and there's nothing I love more than watching musicians and their instruments.

I floated away on a cloud but you were there waiting with a salt shaker )
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from Tokyograph

Yajima Biyoshitsu, a three-member unit created by DJ OZMA and comedy duo Tunnels, has a movie coming out in spring 2010. The film will cover the group's fictional history up until their CD debut last year.

The parody group consists of the Yajima family, which is a 37-year-old mother named Margaret (played by Tunnels' Noritake Kinashi), plus her 12-year-old daughter Strawberry (played by Tunnels' Takaaki Ishibashi) and 18-year-old daughter Naomi (played by DJ OZMA). So far, the only known detail of the group's history is that they came from Nevada to search for Margaret's missing Japanese husband. The movie, titled "Yajima Biyoshitsu THE MOVIE ~Yume wo Tsukama Nevada~," will flesh out their story.

Meisa Kuroki (21) will reportedly play Strawberry's rival. Child actress Ayaka Wilson (12) has also been cast. Filming is already in progress, and distributor Shochiku is aiming for a Golden Week release.

DJ OZMA and Tunnels formed Yajima Biyoshitsu last summer. They made their CD debut in October 2008 with the single "Nihon no Mikata - Nevada Kara Kimashita," which charted at #3 in its opening week. They released two more singles this year, reaching #5 and #9 on the sales charts.

Meisa's staff blog updated with confirmation of the news, Meisa is playing an 11 year old girl called Raspberry. Cue lolcats. If you youtube Yajima (or is Yoshima?) Beauty Salon, you'll see them in action.  I'm imagining Meisa with a fro or a beehive right now.

Yajima Beauty Salon - move over, Beyonce?!? )
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...and I can't stop youtubing scottish fold kittens. D:

I realize I have a problem. But I don't care.


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