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A totally tongue-in-cheek-so-hard-it's-sticking-out-of-my-mouth list of ten things I find sexier than Yamashita Tomohisa's recent spread (and how now everytime I refer to it even in the most innocent of words, I hear 70s porn music in my head.) in An-An. Also, I could have gone for more than 10 things, but I wanted to be concise.

I'm not sure I want your sexy back.
Hi, I'm aggressively hetero, and see this bountiful example of foreign womanhood straddled across me? I am a virile young stallion and this PROVES it. )


Feb. 5th, 2008 06:50 am
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On the newest NEWS PV - prettiest GAP ad ever.

Clearly the OTP in the Kurosagi film is Kurosaki/Scarfy.

And also, it could be Pi's punishing schedule, flying back and forth from Hawaii to Japan, but he's looking a, while Ryo is manifesting hot from every pore. Plus his diary entries lately - oh, Tiny Angry Osaka Man, ILU.


Yuuta, please don't lose any more weight - you're rocking the scruffy graduate student who might need a haircut but looks cute regardless, and I'd hate to see all that pretty go down "Needs a Sandwich IV" way.
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Scans of Yamapi in Kurosaki mode. I know it's going to be mostly about revenge and swindling, but really, Japan - where the hell is Tsurara (she doesn't have to be in frame with him, just a separate promo picture for her)? If she dies in this movie I'M GOING TO BE SO ANNOYED

Well, at least Maki Horikita keeps herself busy. Is it just me, or does Mickey Mouse look extraordinarily smug there?

I'd watch out, Maki. That Minnie can cut a bitch.
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Screencaps of Yamashita Tomohisa's new Kurosaki hair. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY, THANK GOD IT'S BACK TO BLACK. (I'm also dying my hair back to black, as the upkeep of purple highlights is a bitch)

I wonder when Maki's going to start filming - I know she's wrapping up her role on Hana Kimi, and her new fall one-shot special is supposed to be airing September 22, but....Kurosaki/Tsurara back together again! And it feels so good!

I have not forgotten about all my Kurosagi fic, btw - D's certainly heard enough about it, and the last thing I wrote was here.

[ profile] birdofpray09 wrote a lovely fic - Mission: Impossible.

and a mini pic spam of one of the prettiest OTPs evar!

in which there is quite a bit of staring and not a lot happens, curse the luck )
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Rewatching Kurosagi properly to get over this whole writer apathy/frustration I have with Five Futures (and the title that never ends), and I'd forgotten how intensely this drama gets me in the OTP department because of the dark and twisty and the occasional moments of sweet goofiness, and the looking and the wanting and honestly, D, if they shoehorned threat of terminal illness in the big screen adaptation of this, it would be KOREAN DRAMA levels of agonizing, because a) you know you're being shamelessly manipulated into tears, b) you kind of enjoy it anyway, c) and you hate yourself for enjoying that level of emotional masochism.

Oh, longing as spectator sport: Yamapi, you take home the gold! And when I watch Maki in this and then watch her in Seito Shokun, I am reminded that she was only 17 when she shot Kurosagi, and even though Tsurara couldn't have been more than two or three years older (first year of college, she'd be 18/20?), and now in SS, playing a girl who's 17 but still in middle school because of an undisclosed childhood illness, I'm impressed all over again by her talent and her potential to become even better.

Shallow side note: SO. PRETTY. There's a moment (out of a whole collective of moments) when Tsurara's head is slightly bowed and her fringe is covering her eyebrows and the lighting is just right and she just looks so luminous and pure and beautiful and I'm going, 'OMG, KUROSAKI, WHY DON'T YOU JUST KISS HER, SHE IS PERFECT.' and of course, there is Yamapi himself who's just the right amount of broken and determined and aghh, the wanting.


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