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My crush on Cute Guy has reached disturbing, orange level of WTF. I can't help myself though. I LOVE YOU CUTE GUY. even with the sketch facial hair. Yuuuuuuzzzu.
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that when someone asks you, "Do you want to die?" the only obvious answer is to reply, "Actually, I would prefer some cake."

Thank you Eddie Izzard.

But really, consider that kdrama staple. Along with standing in the street and yelling, "YAH. [insert name of love interest you loathe but secretly can not live without]" which, by the way, is also apparently the key to ensnaring Kim Jaejoong's heart for your very own. Clearly there are some things that are just bred into the bone. I wonder if there are bonus points for running after his bus.

Me, I'm mostly lazy and prefer to win over people with my effervescent charm and delightful personality. And also I bake.

And another shortcoming - every guy that I've ever intensely disliked, I've really hated their guts. I never had a secret yearning to look at them soulfully in the rain. Because world, sometimes you just hate that person's face. And witty banter? Doesn't work on stupid people.

But it is a plot device for a reason.

The life and times of Saff, unemployed superhero is ticking along smoothly. I've had quite a lot of sleep to make up for all the deficit that went on before in maintaining a semi-professional veneer of competence. I'm getting pillowface, so maybe too much sleep.

But can you blame me when my pillows look like this?

I've had a bit of a rummage and have sold nearly 50% of all my manga and books I don't read anymore. But I worked at Borders for almost two years, and when you factor in the 33% employee discount, that is still a lot of books to get through. I'm trying to accumulate less because I understand realistically, that 90% of the things I buy are things I want, and not need. And if I'm to move to another country, I'd really like to leave as little behind as I possibly can get away with, without a scenario of posting a free for all on Craigslist.

Man, I still can't believe I bought 300. I think I was temporarily insane - I like maybe 1% of Frank Miller's work. I also sold off two Harry Potter hardcovers - the Half Blood Prince and the Order of the Phoenix.

Anyway. Yes, with the decompressing, I've managed to catch up on some fannish inquisition stuff pre-mental breakdown at Work That I don't have to Go Into Anymore because I am the Empress of Awesome, and yes, that's my Official Superhero name:

NSFW. Mukai Osamu and the An An cover of Doom )
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as listed on SET TO BE RELEASED AUGUST 26, 2009

it was photographed on location in Okinawa

and available for pre-order on Amazon
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I'm starting to think that the special edition of AN AN with Mukai Osamu on the cover is like an unicorn - some people have seen it, everyone's heard of it, but DOES IT REALLY EXIST?

Yep, both of the j-bookstores I frequent did not have the issue.

I come back home to three dollar a gallon gas, a splitting headache, and a cluster of mysterious bruises on my left thigh. No, I was not up to shenanigans, I merely have a love hate relationship with furniture, ie. I tend to walk into it unwittingly.

ETA: Ayumi Hamasaki is totally Dorian Gray. Or the Japanese Demi Moore. Everytime I see her, it's like she's aging backwards.

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Who is maybe 8 pounds, soaking wet? small, white, curly, EXTREMELY AFFECTIONATE.


Scroll down the page to find a video with a sneak peak of Mukai Osamu's an an, and a clip of SWEET ROOM, where it is basically birthday cake and sex.


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