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put this in my knee-jerk, irrationally critical, dismissive box of scorn pile - Fuji TV is allegedly attempting to remake Coffee Prince? With Tamaki Hiroshi and Nana Eikura?


And this is coming from a person who only *liked* Coffee Prince. I didn't fall for it like an anvil, my heart at the time was preoccupied with the summer deliciousness of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, but part of the charm of Coffee Prince was how it was so anti k-drama tropes.

I know that jdrama has been in a rut and can't count on a superstar manga adaptation all the time to get in new viewers, so they juggle genres like fashion juggles the debate: 80's fashion - horrifically ugly or just ahead of its time? - so we get seasons where it's mystery heavy or stupid medical dramas heavy (oh by the way, Japan, thanks. Because we really needed Code Blue 2), or the new flavor of cop drama heavy, and sometimes you get gems out of the old workhorses (Bara no nai Hanaya, Jin (so I hear - I haven't watched it yet)) - but there just seems to be a lot of filler in jdramas lately, and I don't want to break up with you, jdrama! I don't! Kdrama was my first boyfriend and we all know how well that relationship ended up - with tears and accidental gouging and someone may have had mercury poisoning and then I found out I was my own cousin! Or something!

And twdrama is the dirty first date that always ends up with hostile accusations over, "no, your MOM," and now I'm not invited to the family bbq anymore.

so jdrama. How do we solve a problem like you? And don't say well why don't you watch English language tv. Because I'm about 10 seasons behind everything now and all my favorite shows are cancelled, and I'm pretty sure Glee and I are the equivalent of speed dating - it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm wondering why I don't like this bucket of shallow anymore.

Getting back to the point, I see more bad than good associated with an alleged (see my crazy? this is only ALLEGED. There hasn't even been a whisper of an announcement.) remake of Coffee Prince. I just want (and this is always the case - for everything - more attempts to watch original scripts, not adapted from a manga or mystery novel) and more grown ups, or idols convincingly acting as grown ups, and the second guy to get a fair chance, and okay FUJI DON'T REMAKE COFFEE PRINCE.
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well, it's the internet, clearly it must be true

Kim Hyun Joong is apparently set to be in a Korean film adaptation of Kimi Wa Petto. First it was being Korean Hanazawa Rui, now he's going to be Korean Momo? HE IS SINGLE WHITE FE(MALING) all the members of F4.


I think he's a great personality and oddly funny and endearing --- but he is no actor. And I quite enjoyed Kimi Wa Petto, when I wasn't being severely skeeved out by it. So. Please.

(I may or may not have been completely facetious for this entire post)


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