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It is kind of zen.

If anyone was thinking of sending me anything in the post - please hold off or don't send it, my school is moving Dec. 11/12 and I won't know the new mailing address until then. I may also be moving to another apartment (for those of you keeping track at home, that's the fourth time).

I will be mailing packages and cards this week and next week.

And making lists. Lots of lists of little things that keep me happy, sane, content because I feel that I am going to be needing those lists very soon.
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I hate you February, don't you look at me.
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I've just sort of belatedly realized that I'm going to be in New York Wednesday evening on a whirlwind holiday, so this weekend is going to be jam packed with packing, boring domestic stuff, and whatever I can come up with at 2 in the morning, inevitably pacing around the room as I've forgotten SOMETHING, OH MY GOD, WHAT.

Right, I'll be spending most of the week in Schenectady with my BFF, but I will be in the city on the 31st, and the 4th, via train. I haven't planned anything, other than I'm going to go to MOMA, Muji, Kinokuniya (it has LEVELS, the ones at home are all one floor) and whereever my friends drag me.

Suggestions for things to do in NYC are appreciated - I'm meeting up with [ profile] cynicalism and [ profile] tinyangl and...anyone else, I suppose. I'll be flying solo those two days in the city, so all help and directions are much appreciated, as I have been known to wander off into bookstores, record stores and toy shops and get lost.

One thing about the digital tv mandatory switch over that I appreciated - so many more varieties of Asian programming available, and for free! (Well, if you live in Southern California, where there is obviously a sizeable Asian and Pacific Islander presence.) Brilliant Legacy is airing on Channel 18, with english subtitles.

I don't think it's going to be my thing, after watching about 15 minutes (this is very early in the series - I think it's episode 1 or 2?) but it could just be the thought of having to watch 28 episodes (KOREA, NOTHING NEEDS TO BE 28 EPISODES LONG) of it. I'm sure there's character progression and such but right now, I'm not in the mood.

eta: best headline ever, OH YES, I THINK SO: Goat's crowning as King of Ireland in doubt.

I love the Irish - not as much as I love the Scots, but the That is a magical, magical place, and I'm not even being sarcastic.
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Is this going to be my epic week of fail? It certainly feels like it. Hey Microsoft, wasn't windows 7 supposed to SUCK LESS than Vista? Is my honeymoon period over, already?

*curses underneath her breath and goes to reinstall windows 7 on moneypenny for the third time- I don't have an XP startup disc as Vista came w Moneypenny and Vista became really draggy and stupidly annoying in the past two weeks - I've used windows 7 for a month on Helena (the netbook) with no problems whatsoever, so I'm irritated that my souped up laptop isn't cooperating.*

At least I have everything saved on external harddrives, but the time spent. Can I go back to tin can and a string technology? Seriously.


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