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I'm back in the states, have been for a week now and my sleeping patterns are almost back to normal! Knock on wood. An early birthday wish shout out to [ profile] mistakency. May it be full of delight and pastry and intelligent conversation. ;)

Making this post very short as I don't know when LJ is going down again. My dreamwidth is bluelovesorange, and if you need an invite, I think I have some...?
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You have to remember I'm from Southern California. We don't really have "weather" so much as we have those moments where it rains and then moments where it doesn't.

That's the temperature in Celsius, btw. You know when in Korea, be as Korean as possible.
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[ profile] sinonymity nudged me about making a holiday wish list (and if you guys have made one, please let me know in the comments - I'd like to see if there is something I could do for you) and it was hard, probably harder than the anonymous comment meme (which I think I may not do after all. Oops.) Mostly because it's the circumstances I'm in and the chill in the weather and how I just seem to be in a half awake state these days. I'm so tired.

if wishes were horses - I'd be galloping away

1. Someone to go to Japan with me. I like South Korea a lot. In fact, I'm looking out for a way to stay for another year, but with another school (PUBLIC) and another boss (A MILLION TIMES THIS), but right now it is very much WORK to me. I want to play and get away. I'm done with being an independent lone wolf, I need to be up with people. In Japan. I'm thinking of doing a mini break in February. This wish may be adapted to become Seoul if funds become tight, but yeah...a traveling companion.

2. My co teacher really likes gummy bears. The gummy candy they have in Korea is fine, but it's not gummy bears or Swedish fish, and since she's been a life saver in some tough jams, I'd like to get some gummy bears for her (and swedish fish!). [ profile] amezri is sending me gummy bears and also American Junk Food (TM)

3. An email or a letter (pending my new mail address, obviously). Tell me about your life. I've been a shitty correspondent and lost touch with some people - I get it, we're all busy, but I'd really like to reconnect/or connect with you again. Why are you my friend? Or if you don't feel like that, tell me a story. I love stories.

4. A gift certificate or a pro flickr account upgrade

5. Mix cds. I used to love making these. It was one of my many semi-useful skills and I made them for everyone regardless of whether I had a crush on them or not. I even used to make mix tapes (this was in the dinosaur era and there are some embarrassing ones I made for a boy I was in love with internet flirting with when I was all of seventeen years old) and usually I made them because I wanted to share some music I really loved with the people I loved/liked/wanted to impress my musical inclinations on/just thought their day needed something.

I think I was pretty good at making a mix cd but there's always the worry that some people just aren't going to get it - musical taste being subjective and all, but I like to think I had more hits than misses. Then I got this amazing email from [ profile] mistakency, who graciously let me quote her -

But this CD - it's just! Four years later and the transitions are perfect! I cannot believe no one else gets to enjoy them! That's a crime.

This afternoon I was listening to the untitled one that begins with Esthero raging about Ashanti, and I want to tell you that I played it during a high school trip once and everyone went silent and listened when "Calculation Theme" came on. AND THEN THAT ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE I LOVED WENT HOME AND DOWNLOADED THEMSELVES SOME METRIC. aaaaah favorite moment for life, and you were responsible.

And then I remember the time I was in Scotland on a tour bus and I brought along some mix cds and I sidled up to the (unnervingly attractive) guide/driver and asked him if he could play the cd and he smiled at me and said yes, and we listened to a lot of Scottish indie and good old fashioned anthem rock and yes, I snuck in Travis - because SCOTLAND. I may not remember all the songs that were on the cd - I have a bad habit of not writing down lists for many of my mix cds when they're for me, but I remember the feeling of being on that bus, my head against the window watching the highlands blur and being so happy that I was there, in that moment and place.

Music to me is as necessary and food and air and someone I love saying my name. It's essential.
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It is kind of zen.

If anyone was thinking of sending me anything in the post - please hold off or don't send it, my school is moving Dec. 11/12 and I won't know the new mailing address until then. I may also be moving to another apartment (for those of you keeping track at home, that's the fourth time).

I will be mailing packages and cards this week and next week.

And making lists. Lots of lists of little things that keep me happy, sane, content because I feel that I am going to be needing those lists very soon.
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cheers to [ profile] lauds for letting me know ~ Tom Mcrae's live appearance on Janice Long's BBC Radio 2 programme. Tom is the guest for the November 24 programme, and 20 minutes in, they read my email as the introduction for Tom.

look Ma, I'm internet famous!

in other news, I'm fine - the North Korea terror tactics are nothing new here (unfortunately) and I didn't get anything from the US embassy, so it's a wait and see situation. As it always is.

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