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Picspam Monday. Because Columbus Day isn't something I celebrate.

Jaejoong (TVXQ) as photographed by Mika Ninagawa, FRAU 10/10

Yoochun, and more samples of Mika's work )

Following catboy, it's only appropriate to show off a boy with a cat - Mukai Osamu in Chou Chou. These scans are not mine, they're slightly tweaked versions of ones from

You're welcome, Internet Ovaries. YOU'RE WELCOME. I don't know who's cuter, Osamu or the cat. IT'S A VERY CLOSE CALL. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

and yes, you can use these scans for graphics and such. All scans are mine unless otherwise stated, credit would be nice.
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from tokyograph

More "Gokusen" cast details
Wed, May 27, 2009 (12:45am EDT)
With "Gokusen: The Movie" less than a couple months away, a new announcement has revealed that six more actors from the drama's earlier seasons will be returning, including Shun Oguri and Mocomichi Hayami.

The movie is already known to focus on the cast of the show's third season, which aired in 2008. It was previously announced that Yuya Takaki, Haruma Miura, and Yuta Tamamori are part of the main cast. At the end of last month, it was also revealed that the second season's Kazuya Kamenashi was added to the cast.

Now, the number of returning alumni has again increased, adding three students each from the drama's first two seasons. Oguri will represent the first season, along with Yuma Ishigaki and Hiroki Narimiya. From the second season, Hayami will be joined by Teppei Koike and Keisuke Koide.

Although all six played delinquent students in their respective seasons, they have grown up to become respectable members of society. Together with Kamenashi's character, who has become a teacher in training, these graduates will lend their support to the beloved teacher "Yankumi," played by starring actress Yukie Nakama. This movie is said to be Nakama's last time to take on this role.

Filming for the movie finished on May 13. The picture opens in theaters on July 11.
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Act Mini, vol. 5 2009 featuring some of the spring dorama stars

I've scanned the portraits of the actors, and not the corresponding screencaps/set reports, because I figured you could just watch the shows for that.

Featured: Matsumoto Jun, Ueto Aya, Sato Ryuta, Aragaki Yui, Oguri Shun, Hiraoka Yuta, Tabe Mikako, Matsuda Shota, Kashii Yu, Odagiri Joe, Nagasawa Masami, Mizukawa Asami, Ikuta Toma

I've also begun watermarking all my scans, but if anyone needs the raw scan, just ask me and I'll hook you up.


zipped files live here:

if you want to repost, please do not remove my watermarks (in case of Evil-sama, there are no watermarks, but I figured his scans would be the most popular anyway and would have already popped up), and just let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, as always, have fun using them for graphics/whatever purposes
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So I'm getting over a mild case of OMGWHYDOIFEELSOAWFULANDCRAMPYIWANTTODIEANDORVOMIT, while watching the mercury climb here in Southern California, but a few fevers and nosebleeds aside, I'm almost back to normal.

Have downloaded the subbed version of Smile, will watch it later - I'm going to watch L: Change the World in a few. [ profile] fivethreerin, I got the little postcard saying that I need to pick up your package at the post office! Which I will be doing so tomorrow, full of DELIGHT and joy.

Also got a surprise tee-shirt from [ profile] kitsune714, because the hivemind likes to be dressed in snappy tees at all times, naturally.

some scans/projects I'm working on )
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Oguri Shun in Caligula. O___O

The official Kurosagi movie website is out, and purveyors of angstcakes will eat up the promo poster for it. Me? I'm still worried/annoyed about the remarkable lack of Tsurara promo pictures (we've got bad guys, THE CAT) so spare me your emo tears, Kurosaki. I veer from cautious anticipation to self preservation fueled apathy (because guys? The potential for SUCK in this movie? That could also happen)

I love Kurosaki, I do. But I really love Tsurara and them, together. She doesn't die in the manga (see previous entries), but that doesn't necessarily mean anything for an adaptation. I know, I'm just wearing my pessisimist hat, heart of stone shirt, and I hate it when other people harsh my mellow for something on pre-emptive hunches. more.


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